54 Baby Names That Mean Emotional

The birth of a baby sparks a bundle of emotions in the heart of mothers. You feel happy and joyful at their arrival, awe over their delicateness and beauty, and are even concerned over their fragility. So don’t you think a name meaning emotional would perfectly sum up the feelings you have for your little one?

Emotions are vital to humanity and to be without them would mean being less human. People who’re emotional are open and straightforward. They don’t play games with the feelings of others and don’t shut people out after they’ve fulfilled their motives. They recognize the mental and emotional limits of not just themselves, but almost everyone around them. And the best thing about them is that they have an easier time connecting with people, even if they’re just acquaintances.

And, if these reasons convince you to make emotional a perfect meaning for inspiration for your child’s name, then MomJunction has just the list for you. We’ve got you names from different origins and religions, so that you can choose the ideal name for your son or daughter. Take a look!

AfyaAfya means health. One who will be free from all illness and impurities, strong will power and also strong physically and emotionally.Girl
AghidA beautiful, young, sensitive, delicate, emotional, compassionate, sophisticated and gentle maidenGirl
AlueueThey follow intuition and are uncomplicated, peaceful, diplomatic, emotional and passive in natureGirl
AlvisAn all knowing wise person who is brilliant in every way possible and have strong emotional desiresBoy
AmaruA humanitarian with an intense emotional power who possess strength and immortal loveBoy
AmidThey have intense emotional desires and provide general support like a great manBoy
AndhereA honourable man who are emotional, supportive and organizedBoy
ArbeeAn emotional personUnisex
ArouzEmotional desires; has bright ideasBoy
AvgoustaA great personality; social and emotionalGirl
AvilynnA planner; they have emotional securityGirl
BevinBevin is Fair Lady; beautiful and emotionalGirl
BhavukaSensitive; Sentimental; EmotionalBoy
BodvociOne who appreciates life and refined objects; has emotional controlBoy
CastinA good natured, energetic, sensitive, emotional and able personBoy
CatgenAffectionate, emotional and clever individualBoy
CempaA clever, emotional and wonderful being who is a coal sellerBoy
ChaunThe one who has financial and emotional securityBoy
CittayuOne who is the son of the heart; one who is sensitive, and thinks emotionallyBoy
CynebilA young, emotional and blunt personBoy
DayleeA dale; sensitive and emotionalGirl
DiamantinaThey are messy, playful and crave emotional securityGirl
DuccelA cool headed, comforting and emotional beingBoy
EcciEmotional person who is energizedBoy
EcgaAn emotional, clever and good individualBoy
ElinoraThey are emotional and full of sympathyGirl
GrecilThey are dynamic,bright and emotional people.They are hypersensitive and love to remain in relationship.Girl
GueiluirthThey are not comfortable with making decission especially major decission.They have strong emotional nature.Boy
GuinebasThey have many qualities and artistic.They are very emotional and good listner.Boy
GullooThey are very sweet,kind and emotional.They are very humble to others and very cute.Girl
GuonocatuiAn intense nature,strong feelings and emotional desires.creative expression in art,music or drama.Boy
Gurcantiemotional and somewhat boisterous.working on intelligence.Boy
Jimmthey are dynamic and cheerful person with bright and straightforward attitude. They posess the emotional nature and generous.Boy
JoettaGracious, Jeovah is God emotional, fragile and capricious dreamer womanGirl
Joopthey are practical and aterialistic person. They develop talent and happiness. They have feelings for people and emotionally attached with people.Girl
Jozlynthey are practical and aterialistic person. They develop talent and happiness. They have feelings for people and emotionally attached with people.Girl
KencilAn intensive and emotional beingGirl
KolalaIs endowned with vitality, energy and emotionalGirl
MadhwarajAn emotional and stable personBoy
MaialesAffectionate, emotional and serious personBoy
MerchuinoAn emotional, deep and expressive personBoy
MerindahThe person who is having emotional admiration.Girl
MirkaFree from any kind of emotional disturbancesGirl
NaavahThe person who has pretty emotional admiration.Girl
NahimaFree from emotional and mental disturbanceGirl
NasiruddinThe person who is having emotional admiration.Boy
PemotaNative American - One who walks emotional spectrumBoy
PeofaA practical and emotional person; a rockBoy
PetipaceA poised and emotional beingBoy
SaewaraAn alluring, well mannered and emotional beingGirl
TabeedahEmotionally significant ideaGirl
TheldredA hesitant, emotional and relaxed individualGirl
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