62 Baby Names That Mean Equal

So you’re busy going through several themes, names, and their meanings ideal for the little human who has just entered your world and transformed it for good? Don’t you think it would be a good idea to name your bundle of joy after something that means or suggests equal?

The term equal, often used in discussing justice, gender, class, race, pay, etc., is the foundation of a fair society. Societies, or countries that are equal and fair are a lot more likely to be harmonious and prosperous. Equality prevents a section of society or people from dominating the other sections. Discrimination, of any kind, must be destroyed from its very root and the youth can help you tremendously in it.

Young people need to know their rights, understand equality right from the beginning, and a name meaning equal would definitely help them in it. It will positively help the younger lot become better and more involved when they grow up. To help you, MomJunction has listed names meaning equal for baby boys and girls below. We’re sure you’ll find something worthy of your child.

NikyWho can be equal to God.Boy
NityayujOne who is constantly without equalityBoy
NooraliWho can stand equal to the most high God.Girl
PratibalHe who is equal in strenghtBoy
SameshThe Lord of equalityBoy
SamotaThe power of equalityGirl
SialA man of equal status, or competitionBoy
TaadeelState of being equalGirl
VasumatiAn angel or apsara of unequalled beauty.Girl
WaheedUnique; Singular; Exclusively; Unequalled; Peerless; A variant spelling is WahidBoy
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