230 Baby Names Meaning Eternal

Baby names, baby names, baby names! How great would it be if the perfect name for your bundle of joy could appear just by saying this 'baby names' thrice? That would save a lot of debates and hours of research too. Too bad that such wizardry does not work. But MomJunction can, at least, help you find a beautiful name meaning eternal.

In this world, where everything is transient, only parents' love is eternal. They stay by our side right from the beginning until the end. And even when they leave the world, their lessons and memory guide us throughout the life. There is no way you can quantify your parents love. Their love is unconditional, unchanged, and can never be measured. Parents love their 50-year-old children the same way they did when they were infants. They forgive children for all their mistakes and accept them the way they are. And when things go awry, they make us understand in the best way possible.

So if you’re on the hunt for a magnetic baby name meaning eternal, you should take a look at our list below. We’ve brought you an extensive list of baby names meaning eternal from all various sources.

Abadsomeone who is Everlasting, EternalBoy
Abdul samadA servant of the eternal, endless or everlastingBoy
AbdulbaqiThis Islam name means slave of the everlasting or eternal.Boy
AbdulsamadServes the eternal, never-ending or everlastingBoy
Abdus samadServes the never-ending and eternal oneBoy
Abdus-SmadSlave of the eternalBoy
AbdussamadA devoted follower who supports everlasting and eternal oneBoy
AbinaashEternal; Immortal; A person of enduring FameBoy
AbineshEternal; Immortal; A person of enduring FameBoy
AcyutaUnending; Never Lapsing; Eternal; without beginning or endBoy
AdwamAn everlasting, eternal, most durableBoy
AericOne who is an eternal rulerBoy
AfniA sweet person, one who is eternal sweetGirl
AiryckDerived from the Old Norse Eirìkr, eternal rulerBoy
AiyanaEternal bloom, ever blooming flowerGirl
AiyannaEternal blossom, Everlasting BloomGirl
AjalaAfrican meaning: Believer of Allah. Sanskrit meaning: Eternal.Boy
AjantaEternal Fame; Name of a famous Buddhist Cave; Everlasting Fame; Very popularGirl
AjitaabhaInvincible Light; Eternal Flame; One which cannot be put off; God's LightBoy
AkalTimeless, eternalGirl
AkalbirGod's Immortal Warrior; Eternal Fighter and Protector of GodBoy
AkalcheetOne absorbed in Eternal with conversational with ability to inspire and motivate othersBoy
AkalchetanAware of Eternal LoveBoy
AkaldeepGod's Lamp; Eternal Lamp; Ever Glowing lamp of GodBoy
AkaldharamReligion of eternal truth with capability in judging, analyzing and discriminatingBoy
AkaldhianAbsorbed in Eternal one. One living and working with GodBoy
AkaljeetTimeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of GodGirl
AkaljogUnion with timeless and EternalBoy
AkaljotThe Eternal Light; God's Light ; Ever Glowing light of GodBoy
AkalkeeratOne who praises the timeless and omnipotent powers of God through his songs; Eternal praises of GodBoy
AkalmeetTimeless and Eternal friend. Also simply means friend of GodBoy
AkalmeshEternally Pure, Sinless, Unblemished, Flawless;Boy
AkalnivasOne Dwelling in the Eternal RealmBoy
AkalpreetLove of God; One who loves God the dearmost forever; Eternal Love for GodBoy
AkalroopOf Eternal Beauty; Unblemished Beauty;Boy
AkalsimarOne who remembers the God for ever; Eternal thoughts about GodBoy
AkalsukhForever in Peace and Delight; Eternally Happy and CheerfulBoy
AkaltatThe Eternal RealityBoy
AkalushEternal Purity, PureBoy
AkshaiEternal, immortal, indestructibleBoy
AkshayImmortal, Eternal, IndestructibleBoy
AkshaykeertiEternal Fame; A flame that can never be blown off; Ever Glowing Light; God's LampBoy
AkshyaImmortal; Imperishable; Indestructible; Someone who will be there forever; God; EternalBoy
AkunthaVigorous, Ever fresh, EternalBoy
AlampataEver Eternal Lord; Immortal GodBoy
AmaldeepOne who is an eternal and immortal light to allBoy
AmaljotA name of success which means pure flame with eternal fireBoy
AmalpreetName signifying pure and eternal loveBoy
AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AmarajaThe eternal bon child who is a sacred river and the daughter of GodsGirl
AmarasimhaEternal light with creativity and innovation who can also be called Lion of the GodsBoy
AmarasriEternal name of a God who is poised, confident and versatileBoy
AmardeepEternal Light; Immortal Light; A source of light forever;Boy
AmareswarAnother name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu who is eternalBoy
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AmargunEternal qualityUnisex
AmariAn strong and eternally lovely being who are family orientedUnisex
AmarjotThe Immortal Light; A source of light for ever; Eternal LightBoy
AmarkeertiEternal Fame; A flame that can never be blown off;Boy
AmarsukhIt's eternal peaceBoy
AmarvasA challenging name to have which means an eternal abode filled with love and peaceBoy
Amlan-kushumA flower which is eternal and never fadesGirl
AmlanaThe one who is ever bright and the flower which is eternal and never fadesBoy
AnadiEternal; Immortal; Imperishable; Everlasting; One who has no endBoy
AnadjotOne who Radiates the Lord's Light; Eternal Flame; Everlasting Light; BrightBoy
AnantInfinite; One with no end; Immortal; EternalBoy
AnantaInfinite; One with no end; Immortal; EternalBoy
AnantaaAn eternal, immortal beingBoy
AnantajeetThe Victor of Infinity; One who is Eternal and Immortal; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AnantaramOne who is Eternal and Immortal; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AnantarangaOne who is Eternal and Immortal; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
AnantarjotGod's Light; Eternal Lamp of God; Bright source of light that has no endBoy
AnantbirInfinite Brave; Eternal warrior; One whose braveness has no end;Boy
AnantdevOf Immeasurable Divinity; Eternal Devotion; One whose devotion has no endBoy
AnanthEndless; Infinite; Eternal; Forever; ImmortalBoy
AnantharamanOne who is Eternal and Immortal; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
AnantimEndless; Infinite; Eternal; Forever; ImmortalBoy
AnantjotAn eternal flame and lightBoy
AnantramEternal God; Immortal God; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
AnaranyaMaster of an eternal powerBoy
AngarikaAn eternal flame coloured flower or a forest; PalashGirl
AngathanLord Hanuman who is filled with eternal forestBoy
AnirabAn eternal flameBoy
AniranAn eternal and everlasting flameBoy
AnirbanA Light which Never Extinguishes; Eternal Light; Ever Glowing LightBoy
AnirvanUndying; Eternal Spirit; One who never gives upBoy
AnjanjotThey are eternal strange light of heavenBoy
AnjanpreetThey are eternal strange love sent from heavenBoy
AnjuThey are eternal strange love sent from heaven and are a blessingGirl
AnjuliThey are eternal strange love sent from heaven and are a blessingGirl
AnmoldeepA priceless person who is invaluable and has eternal lightBoy
AnmolpreetThey are the ones who are priceless and eternal loveBoy
AnoshEternal; Everlasting; Immortal; ElixirBoy
AnoushEternal; Everlasting; Immortal; Never EndingBoy
AnudeepDivine Light; Eternal Lamp; God's LightBoy
AnvarThe luminous and bright one; an eternal flame and lightBoy
AnwaarThe luminous and bright; an eternal flame and lightBoy
AnwarThe one who is dazzling and bright; an eternal flame and lightBoy
AnwaraA luminous being; an eternal flame and lightGirl
AnwarahThe bright one; an eternal flame and lightGirl
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