183 Baby Boy Names That Mean Eternal

BeantaEndless, Boundless; Limitless; Eternal; Forever; ImmortalBoy
BhaswathNever Ending; Eternal; Infinite; ImmortalBoy
BhavyamForever; Eternal; Never Ending; Infinite; ImmortalBoy
BirakaalEternally BraveBoy
ChiradeepEternal Lamp; Ever Glowing Light;Boy
ChirakumarLong Life Prince; Eternal; Immortal; One who has no endBoy
ChiranathEverlasting; Eternal; Immortal; Without an endBoy
ChirandeepAn eternal lampBoy
ChiranjeevaLong Lived; Immortal; Eternal Being; Everlasting; One who has no end;Boy
ChiranjeeveOne of many names of Lord Vishnu; Immortal; Eternal; EverlastingBoy
ChiranjeeveeEternal lifeBoy
ChiranjeeviLong Life; Immortal; Eternal Being; Everlasting; One who has no end;Boy
DeepavatiEternal flame of light; hybrid of DeepakBoy
DevanshaEternal Part of God; Aura of God; Divine Light of GodBoy
DhrubaCertain; Eternal; Forever; One without end; Infinite;Boy
DyutanaEternal shiing and brightBoy
EeroOne who is an eternal rulerBoy
EgricOne who is eternal and self lovingBoy
EirikAn eternal ruler who is forever strong and braveUnisex
EladGod is eternalBoy
Ericever or eternal ruler.Boy
Erixisland ruler or eternal ruler.Boy
FirdowsThe place of Eternal ParadiseBoy
GiandheerOne that seeks eternal knowlegdeBoy
GiandhiaanOne that is absorbed in eternal knowledgeBoy
HoaiAlways, Eternal; ImmortalBoy
HrisheekEternal Happiness; Eternal Joy; Everlasting Delight; A variant spelling is HrishikBoy
HrishikEternal Happiness; Eternal Joy; Everlasting Delight; A variant spelling is HrisheekBoy
IlmariFrom Ilmarinen, the eternal hammerer, a god in Finnish mythologyBoy
JaavedOne who is eternalBoy
JaivantaLong Lived; Blessed with long life; Eternal Life;Boy
JapnoorWorshipper of Eternal Light; One who meditates on the divine lightBoy
JavaidOne who is eternalBoy
JaveedLiving Forever; Immortal; Eternal; A variant of JavedBoy
JawedThe eternal oneBoy
JeevithLiving for Ever; Eternal; Immortal;Boy
JivantLong Lived; Eternal; Blessed with long lifeBoy
KahledThe name Kahled means EternalBoy
KalabhitImmortal; Long-lived; Eternal; One who can live foreverBoy
KalabhitiOf whom death is afraid; Long Lived; Immortal; Eternal; ForeverBoy
KalateetaBeyond time limitations; One who has won time; Immortal; EternalBoy
KaleadKalead name means Eternal, FreverBoy
KealamauloaThe eternal path or the path of eternintyBoy
KhaalidKhaalid means Eternal, ImmortalBoy
KhaldoonKhaldon means EternalBoy
KhaldunEternal; Implies Eternity; ImmortalBoy
KhaledThe name means Eternal, ForeverBoy
KiranilaThe Love Stands Forever in the World; Eternal LoveBoy
KostubhImmortal; Eternal; Forever; Long livedBoy
KriteyuImmortal; Eternal; Forever; Long livedBoy
KumblaLord of Youth; Immortal Lord; Eternal GodBoy
Monkh ErdeneEternal familyUnisex
MonkhbatEternal firmnessBoy
NavaneethThe eternally newBoy
NavbirAn eternal brave personBoy
NavdevThe eternally fresh LordBoy
NavinA new person who is eternal freshBoy
NavishaAn eternally fresh LordBoy
NavneetThe fresh butter, one who is eternally newBoy
NidhruviThe one who is truthful eternally.Boy
NihantEternal, everlasting, endless.Boy
NiliThe eternal God of Israel will never lie.Unisex
NityaOne who is forever, eternalUnisex
NityagopalAn eternal cow-herdBoy
NityasriAn eternal womanBoy
OericAn eternal ruler, one and only, rules alwaysBoy
OmeirThe one who is eternal or everlasting or unchanged.Boy
RajithAn object that gives light; An eternal source of light; A name referring to SunBoy
SadhaOne who is eternalBoy
SadivaEternal, endless oneBoy
SarmadThe eternal oneBoy
ShamzHe who is an Eternal LordBoy
ShashvataA name for lord rama eternalBoy
ShasvatOne who is eternal and everlastingBoy
ShaswatikA man who is forevelasting, eternalBoy
ThanasisEternal lifeBoy
TumaRefers to eternal or endless.Boy
VekoslavEternal gloryBoy
Wang YongWang means King, Monarch, Yong means Brave, EternalBoy
Zhang YongZhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Yong means Brave, EternalBoy
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