54 Baby Girl Names That Mean Eternal

AfniA sweet person, one who is eternal sweetGirl
AiyanaEternal bloom, ever blooming flowerGirl
AiyannaEternal blossom, Everlasting BloomGirl
AjantaEternal Fame; Name of a famous Buddhist Cave; Everlasting Fame; Very popularGirl
AkalTimeless, eternalGirl
AkaljeetTimeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of GodGirl
AmarajaThe eternal bon child who is a sacred river and the daughter of GodsGirl
AmargeetEternal songUnisex
AmargunEternal qualityUnisex
AmariAn strong and eternally lovely being who are family orientedUnisex
Amlan-kushumA flower which is eternal and never fadesGirl
AngarikaAn eternal flame coloured flower or a forest; PalashGirl
AnjuThey are eternal strange love sent from heaven and are a blessingGirl
AnjuliThey are eternal strange love sent from heaven and are a blessingGirl
AnwaraA luminous being; an eternal flame and lightGirl
AnwarahThe bright one; an eternal flame and lightGirl
AzeenOne who has eternal beautyGirl
EirikAn eternal ruler who is forever strong and braveUnisex
Errikaone who rules eternally.Girl
Evermoorealways or eternal or everlasting.Girl
Evermoresomething which is everlasting or eternal.Girl
EyanaAn eternal blossom. Americanised form of AiyanaGirl
ForeverIt essentially means something which is eternal and everlastingGirl
GilaGila is a female name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Gila is Eternal Joy.Girl
GilahGilah is a Hebrew female name. The meaning of the name Gilah is Eternal You or Eternal Joy and is a variation of the name Gila.Girl
GilanaMy joy is eternalGirl
IdonaNorse goddess of the apples of eternal youth.Girl
JemelleAN eternal graceful ladyGirl
Juleyit means youthful and the feminine version of Julius. They love and seek for true friendship. They have a eternal spirit.Girl
Julietthey love their life and have eternal spirit. They have a touching personality ans easily inspire others.Girl
KhalesThe name means EternalGirl
KhalidahThe name means EternalGirl
KhuldKhuld means Eternal ParadiseGirl
KhuludImmortality; EternalGirl
LeallaAn eternal beauty of the nightGirl
LesaA place of eternal peaceGirl
Monkh ErdeneEternal familyUnisex
MunkhtsetsegEternal flowerGirl
NavinaAn eternally fresh personGirl
NiliThe eternal God of Israel will never lie.Unisex
NituEternal one who reaches the eternityGirl
NityaOne who is forever, eternalUnisex
Nitya sundaraThe eternal beautyGirl
PerennaEternal, recurring; Everlasting; EnduringGirl
RieckaAn eternal female rulerGirl
SanjeevniLiving an eternal lifeGirl
SanjiviniLiving an eternal lifeGirl
SanojaThe eternal oneGirl
SemproniaEternal and everlasting.Girl
So YoungEternal, beautiful and prosperityGirl
TekliAn eternal fameGirl
Young MiProsperity, eternal and beautifulGirl
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