40 Baby Girl Names That Mean Excellent

Aaliyathe one who is excellent, and of high position who is supremeGirl
AasmaaExcellent; preciousGirl
AlphaAn excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualitiesUnisex
AnayatThe one who is praised, favour and is excellentUnisex
AndacyThe one having excellent conversational skillsGirl
AretaAn excellent, beautiful beingGirl
DeanaOne who is excellent in philosophyGirl
DenisseOne who is intelligent; a creative and excellent beingGirl
DysisA pleasing and excellent sunsetGirl
EdelleA superior person; has excellent tasteGirl
ElleeOne who works with everyone; creative and excellent personGirl
Emileeit means someone who is striving and industrious and excellent.Girl
Emilianathis name means someone who wants to excel or be excellent.Girl
FaakhiraAn excellent womanGirl
FaeiqaA superb and excellent womanGirl
FazalahA praiseworthy and excellent womanGirl
GakeemahAn excellent and humble human beingGirl
Gudaa variation of the name Juda, meaning Goodness, Excellence, from the Arabic word "jada", which means To Be Excellent. The name Guda is also found in Swedish origins, where it is used as a feminine, Girls name and means Supreme.Unisex
GuenevereThey are excellent,learning and understanding.They live in the mind and can see large pic of every issue.Girl
GuenivereThey are good learner,understanding and excellent.They have good ability to solve issues.Girl
GuinevereThey are excellent,undersstanding and philosophers.They have deep inner desire to lead,orgnize and supervise.Girl
Jolenethe name is combination of two words Jo and elene. Such people have excellent judgemental and analyzing understanding and usually are introverts.Girl
NabihahThe person who is possessing excellent knowledge.Girl
NafeezahExtraordinary, outstanding, excellent, strikingGirl
NajeebahAn excellent noble ladyGirl
NewatThe person who is excellent in handling with left hand.Unisex
NiniMomentary and excellent industry.Girl
NkiruOnce more God will provide the excellent gift.Girl
NojoodIntelligent or knowledge, possess excellent skills.Girl
NoorulbasarExcellent, excessive, countless, boundless.Girl
NuhaThe person who is having excellent knowledge and skills.Girl
NuriyaNimble, brilliant, ecstatic, excellent.Girl
OishiAn Arabic word that means a noble, respected man. An excellent personality.Girl
RanganiShe who has an excellent dancing skill.Girl
RianneAn excellent, skillful Queen, a GoddessGirl
TahirihMorally good or excellentGirl
ToobaBest or excellent or a tree form heavenGirl
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