181 Baby Names Meaning Fame

Some parents want their children to be beautiful, some like to keep an upbeat disposition first, while others want their children to gain fame.

In today’s generation fame isn’t seen as a consequence or by-product of something you achieve. It’s often pursued directly as a goal in and of itself. People have different reasons for seeking fame. Some may say that they want fame so that they can appear on a super popular talk show, others may like all the activities that go into creating fame. Some even desire the value and love people get on being famous. Yes, we also know that fame can be a curse, but not for someone who knows how to handle it.

So if you also want your little one to be as famous as Bill Gates or Leonardo DiCaprio when he grows up, set him on the path by giving him a name meaning fame. It does not guarantee that your child will be as famous as them, but it will inspire him to work as hard as his namesake to achieve fame. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the names meaning fame. MomJunction is sure that you’ll find a beautiful name for your child on our list.

Aakhya (आख्या)one who has high reputation and fame; state of being famousBoy
AbinaashEternal; Immortal; A person of enduring FameBoy
AbineshEternal; Immortal; A person of enduring FameBoy
AgampalA lucky name which will bring prosperity and fame as the name means God as protector which depicts blessings from the Almighty.Boy
AjantaEternal Fame; Name of a famous Buddhist Cave; Everlasting Fame; Very popularGirl
AjayanImmortal; Enduring Fame; Lasting; Imperishable; EverlastingBoy
AkshaykeertiEternal Fame; A flame that can never be blown off; Ever Glowing Light; God's LampBoy
AlajosFame and War; famous holinessBoy
AlhsomHoly FameBoy
AloisaGermanic - Fame; Loud; Fighter; Warrior; Renowned in Battle; A variant of the name LouiseGirl
AloisioGerman - Fame, Loud; Fighter, Warrior; A derivative from name Aloysius , LouisBoy
AlojzyFamous Warrior; Fame and WarBoy
AloysisusGerman - Fame and War French - Famous Warrior; Latinised form of the name LouisBoy
AlttheaA promising name gaining fame and recognition, their inventive nature makes them sincere,genuine and a visionaryGirl
AmarkeertiEternal Fame; A flame that can never be blown off;Boy
AmeretatImmortal; A person of enduring fame; Lasting; Imperishable; EverlastingBoy
AmsanThe perfect and the chosen one who earn profit and fameBoy
AylmarOne who has an amazing fameBoy
BhanumatiFamous, famed, well knownGirl
BhrajathuBrilliance; Splendour; Fame; Glorious; GleamingBoy
BobbeGermanic - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Bright Fame; Strange; ForeignGirl
BobbeeBright Fame; StrangeGirl
BobbetteBright FameGirl
BobbeyBright FameGirl
BobbyeBright FameGirl
BoryslavOne who likes fighting for fame.Boy
BranislavProtection of the glory or fameBoy
ClarissOne who has fame, and is the brightest of allGirl
ClarisseGentle, shining and has fame followed by attentionGirl
CleaFame; popular; glory; known by everyone; stardom; stature; honourGirl
CleoShort from of Cleopatra, which means glory and fameGirl
CleofasOne who sees fame, glory and worthy of praiseBoy
CleonaFame; glory; recognition; reputation; nameGirl
CleopatraFather's glory or fame; recognition of FatherGirl
CleoraIt means glory or fame of the FatherGirl
ClesekAn old Cornish name derived from the word clos, which means fame.Boy
CletaShort name for 'Cleopatra', which means one who has glory and fameGirl
DharmakirtiFame of Religion; One who is famous for his religious deedsBoy
DigOne who is anxious to attain fame and successBoy
DobromirGood Fame; one who keeps prestige and peaceBoy
DodgeIt means fame spearBoy
EfimOne who is well famedBoy
ElmeenaOne who has intimidating fame; helmetGirl
ElmenaLady with indimidating fameGirl
Estanislaostrength or firmness or glory or fame.Boy
Evdoxiasomebody of good fame or reputable.Girl
FaeemA man who reached fameBoy
FaeemaShe who reached fameGirl
FahretaFame, greatness, brilliance.Girl
GatnamLiberated Through Naam; Freedom through fame; A Punjabi nameBoy
GurjasFame of Lord; Fame of the Guru;Boy
GurneeshThis is the name of knowledge and generosity, which will get the popularity and fame.Girl
GushaanDivine FameBoy
HairudShe of fame and honorGirl
HawiseGermanic - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Bright Fame; IntelligentGirl
HopkinA form of Hob, meaning bright or fame.Boy
HrodwynOne who is a friend of the fameBoy
Hrothbertabrilliant; famedGirl
JasalinaAbode of fame; Full of Fame; HonouredBoy
JasamitOne who is protected by fameBoy
JasapalaProtected by Fame; Defended and Guarded by honour and popularityBoy
JasarajaLord of fameBoy
JashFame; Popularity; Glory; Eminent; Distinct; RenownedBoy
JasjinderGlory of God; Honour of God; Fame of God; Magnificence of GodBoy
JaskamalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskanwalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JasrajKing of fameBoy
JataadharHero of Fame; Bearer of Twisted hair; One of many names of Lord Shiva signifying his form with uncombed hairBoy
Jionniit means gracious. People with this name are kind, soft heart and generous. They get fame with the passage of time and are vibrant in nature.Girl
Jirasuch people are bit sporty and love to play games. They have good sense of homour and often get fame in life.Unisex
Jishuit means God of love. The person with this name is most adored and popular. He easily gets fame and is handsome. Generous, lovable and kind personBoy
JolanthaMeans violet. People with this name are very succesful in their life and are fun loving. Such people gain respect and fame with the passage of time.Girl
Jonahit means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.Boy
Julijathey are known because of being social and get fame. They become wealthy with the passage of time. They are admirable persons.Unisex
JusveerJusveer means Hero of FameBoy
KeeratFame; Distinction; Recognition; Eminence; RenownBoy
KheturusOne who is achieving success and fameBoy
KhyatiThe name means FameGirl
KirtibhushanKirtibhushan means One Adorned with FameBoy
KirtivallabhThe name means Aspirant of FameBoy
KirtmaliniThe name means Garlanded with FameBoy
KleaKlea means Fame and GloryGirl
KlymeneKlymene means The Goddes of FameGirl
KyawFamous, fameGirl
LarryDistinction, Honor and Fame given for achivementsBoy
LaryaShe who is crowned with Honor and FameGirl
LarzThe one who is awarded with honor and fameBoy
LauritzLaurel tree, the symbols of Honor and FameBoy
LaurynnA laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fameGirl
LawerenceOne who came from the place of Honor and FameBoy
LewesFamous warrior, the one who has fame in the battleBoy
LewysThe one of fame in warBoy
LoicWarrior of great fameBoy
LojzaWarrior of big fameBoy
LorantA land of fameBoy
LothairThe one who fights, fame in battleBoy
LuchoWarrior of great fameBoy
LudisFame or war.Boy
LudvigsFame or war.Boy
LuettaFame of a fighterGirl
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