65 Baby Girl Names That Mean Fame

AjantaEternal Fame; Name of a famous Buddhist Cave; Everlasting Fame; Very popularGirl
AloisaGermanic - Fame; Loud; Fighter; Warrior; Renowned in Battle; A variant of the name LouiseGirl
AlttheaA promising name gaining fame and recognition, their inventive nature makes them sincere,genuine and a visionaryGirl
BhanumatiFamous, famed, well knownGirl
BobbeGermanic - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Bright Fame; Strange; ForeignGirl
BobbeeBright Fame; StrangeGirl
BobbetteBright FameGirl
BobbeyBright FameGirl
BobbyeBright FameGirl
ClarissOne who has fame, and is the brightest of allGirl
ClarisseGentle, shining and has fame followed by attentionGirl
CleaFame; popular; glory; known by everyone; stardom; stature; honourGirl
CleoShort from of Cleopatra, which means glory and fameGirl
CleonaFame; glory; recognition; reputation; nameGirl
CleopatraFather's glory or fame; recognition of FatherGirl
CleoraIt means glory or fame of the FatherGirl
CletaShort name for 'Cleopatra', which means one who has glory and fameGirl
ElmeenaOne who has intimidating fame; helmetGirl
ElmenaLady with indimidating fameGirl
Evdoxiasomebody of good fame or reputable.Girl
FaeemaShe who reached fameGirl
FahretaFame, greatness, brilliance.Girl
GurneeshThis is the name of knowledge and generosity, which will get the popularity and fame.Girl
HairudShe of fame and honorGirl
HawiseGermanic - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Bright Fame; IntelligentGirl
Hrothbertabrilliant; famedGirl
Jionniit means gracious. People with this name are kind, soft heart and generous. They get fame with the passage of time and are vibrant in nature.Girl
Jirasuch people are bit sporty and love to play games. They have good sense of homour and often get fame in life.Unisex
JolanthaMeans violet. People with this name are very succesful in their life and are fun loving. Such people gain respect and fame with the passage of time.Girl
Julijathey are known because of being social and get fame. They become wealthy with the passage of time. They are admirable persons.Unisex
KhyatiThe name means FameGirl
KleaKlea means Fame and GloryGirl
KlymeneKlymene means The Goddes of FameGirl
KyawFamous, fameGirl
LaryaShe who is crowned with Honor and FameGirl
LaurynnA laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fameGirl
LuettaFame of a fighterGirl
LulitaShe acheaved Fame in the WarGirl
RhonaOld English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant transcription of RhondaGirl
RoaseOne who reached fame in his lifeGirl
RobbeeA biright light of fameGirl
RobenaA shinning, glowing fameGirl
RobeneShe whose fame is glowingGirl
RobeniaA woman of shinnig fameGirl
RoberteShe who is well-known for her glow and fameGirl
RoberteneShe who is known for her fame and brithnessGirl
RobinaShe who glows of fameGirl
RobinettaShe who burns with fameGirl
RobiniaA woman whose fame is brightGirl
RoenaA fame that brings happiness and blissGirl
RoenneA woman who brings fame and blissGirl
RohineOne who is sparkling with fameGirl
RonaHebrew - Joy is mine; Old English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant spelling of RhonaGirl
RowenaOld English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair HairedGirl
RudiOne who has the fame of the wolfGirl
RudieOne whose fame is like a wolf'sGirl
RupertaA female whose fame shinesGirl
StanislavaA woman who achives fameGirl
StasyaStrength, fame or firmnessGirl
TeclaAcclaimed fameGirl
TeklaA divine fameGirl
TekliAn eternal fameGirl
YashitaFame and popularity.Girl
YashodharaBearer of fame or gloryGirl
YeshaFame, one who desires fameGirl
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