403 Baby Boy Names That Mean Famous

KirtimanFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtimayFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtinathFamous Person; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; Popular; CelebratedBoy
KirtitFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KirtitaFamous; Celebrated; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; PopularBoy
KittibunFamous fortuneBoy
KittichatFamous clan or belonging to a famous clan.Boy
KleitosSplendid, famousBoy
KleocharisA famous manBoy
KoustabFamous Person; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct; Popular; CelebratedBoy
KritHandsome; Famous; Popular; Renowned; Eminent; Distinct;Boy
KualiiKualii means A Famous ChiefBoy
LaciannLaciann means The Famous RulerBoy
LadoShort form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous rulerBoy
LampertLand of the famous; Lamb herdBoy
LandmariFamous land, The one who comes from known landBoy
LandoSomeone who is famous throughout the land; Bright SunBoy
LannyThe Lands that are Legendary and FamousBoy
LassenA Son of Lars. A son of a honorable and famous oneBoy
LawsonSon of Lawrence, A Son of the Honored and FamousBoy
LaxitGreat; Distinct; Distingushed; Eminent; Famous; RenownedBoy
LaxmanyaVisible Far and Wide; Well Known; Distingushed; Eminent; Famous; RenownedBoy
LelioName created from the famous Roman familyBoy
LewesFamous warrior, the one who has fame in the battleBoy
LewisFamous in warBoy
LewyGerman name for famous fighter in warBoy
LiudolfA Famous Wolf, from the germanic word HludwolfBoy
LodewijkDutch combined name meaning Famous WarriorBoy
LodovicoItalian name meaning famous warriorBoy
LodwigFamous in battleBoy
LojzeShort form of Alojz, meaning he who is famous in war or battle.Boy
LorandHe who came from famous landsBoy
LoringGerman name for someone who is famous in battleBoy
LornOne who is Forsaken; Famous bearerBoy
LorringHe who is famous in battleBoy
LothaireFamous armyBoy
LouFrench name for famous soldier, good warriorBoy
LovisA famous warriorBoy
LovishFamous Battle; A modern Indian name referring to Love; Lovable PersonBoy
LowieOne who fought in a famous battleBoy
LowisA warrior that fought famously in a battleBoy
LuddeHe who is famous in warBoy
LudovicFamous warriorBoy
LudvikNordic variation of the name Ludvig meaning mighty famous warriorBoy
LudwigThe one who is famous and respected warriorBoy
LudwikPolish name meaning brave, famous warriorBoy
LyndonA famous bearer, surnameBoy
MaeretA form of Margaret;Pearl; Little Famous OneBoy
MaerewineFamous Friend; Strong Friend; A variant form of MaelwineBoy
MaerheardA famous fighterBoy
MaethelgarOne who is a famous spearmanBoy
MagdiA man famous for his gloryBoy
MaiwandAfghan place name, a famous place near QandharBoy
MakaidenOne who is known as a famous warriorBoy
ManaswantA famous and well-known personBoy
MarlinOne who is from a famous landBoy
MashhurA person that is well-know and famousBoy
MerittOld English - Boundary Gate; Little Famous One; A variant of the name MerrittBoy
MerrellCeltic - Sea Bright; Famous; A variant spelling of the name MerrillBoy
MerrettOld English - Boundary Gate; Little Famous One; A variant of the name MerrittBoy
MerwynLover of the Sea; Famous Friend; A form of MerlinBoy
Mihyarthe name of a famous poet.Boy
MinverA fair skinned person. Name of a famous Cornish SaintBoy
MongoA famous man.Boy
MowgliFamous character of the Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle BookBoy
MyrilFamous or of the seaBoy
NamagiriOne who posses a name, a famous personBoy
NamdarA famous person, known to allBoy
NamvarOne who is very famous, whose name is popularBoy
NaumaanOne of the famous Islamic scholars.Boy
NinianName of a very famous SaintBoy
NolenFamous, celebrity, high class.Boy
NoomyalayThe one destined to be famousBoy
OlbertFamous for his inheritanceBoy
OshinA Japanese name from a famous television seriesBoy
OsmaerA name of a famous person who has god-like fameBoy
OsmentA famous and god-loving personBoy
OsmerOne who is as famous as the God himselfBoy
OswynnA rich and famous personBoy
OtaA rich and famous person; large rice paddyBoy
OtmarA famous, prosperous and wealthy personBoy
OzA brave and famous person who has strengthBoy
PedrogOne who is born famousBoy
PhillbertA very bright and famous friendBoy
PragnayFamous; Scholar; One with Fame; One of many names of Lord Ganesh signifying his knowledge and wisdomBoy
PragnyaA well known, famous scholarUnisex
PragrityaA famous person, a celebretyBoy
PrahasitFamous; Always Laughing; Always Happy and cheerful; JoyfulBoy
PrahsithFamous; Always Laughing; Always Happy and cheerful; JoyfulBoy
PrakashbirFamous and Brave; Brilliant and Mighty; One who shines through his courage and braveryBoy
PrakhyatA famous individualBoy
PrathitA celebrated, famous personBoy
PrathitaKnown; Celebrated; Renowned; Famous; PopularBoy
ProbertSon of the renown, famous and bright oneBoy
PugazhalOne who is famous among menBoy
RabGerman - Bright Famous One; Famously Famous; Scottish short form of Robert; ShiningBoy
RaldGermanic - Famous Ruler; Famous Leader; Names Ralde, Rauld, and Raulde are variant forms of RaldBoy
RamiArabic - Shooter; Germanic - Counsel; Advice; Great; Famous;Boy
RamiroGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Great; Famous; A variant form of RamirusBoy
RatanjaliA name of the very famous philosopher of YogaBoy
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