37 Baby Names That Mean Favour


Congratulations on the birth of your little one. We know that you’re now faced with one of the most arduous tasks, and that is, picking a name. In your quest for the perfect name, you may have contemplated baby names that mean ‘favour.’ Choosing a beautiful name that means ‘favour’ can indeed be a favour that you could do for your little one. A name is a major part of a person’s identity that lasts with them till the end, and even after (1). So why not pick a name that implies generosity or a kind act? Literally, favour means to treat someone with goodwill, to give someone special regard, or to show exceptional kindness and gentleness to someone. But favour isn’t just limited to this. favour also means treating someone with kindness and generosity far beyond expectation. As humans, we receive favours from different people, which also prompts us to reciprocate in whatever ways we can. By giving your child a name meaning favour, you’ll always remind them never to take the favours of God or others for granted. This will help them grow into grateful and selfless beings. Names that signify favour in some sense have been cherished by people across cultures because of their positive symbolism. Choosing such a name will also remind your child of doing favours to the needy and being grateful for the favours they receive. These names describe benevolence and good fortune and are some of the most auspicious traits that parents want their children to embody as they grow and navigate through different stages of life. Moreover, when you go through the list below, you'll find names with diverse origins and backgrounds. So explore how different cultures use names that mean ‘favour’ with our curated list below. So read on and pick the ideal name now.

heart image Aana Baby Girl Sign Girl Favour; Grace
heart image Agapito Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one's favourite
heart image Aijaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Favour; Blessing
heart image Anayat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The one who is praised; Favour; Excellent
heart image Anelie Baby Girl Sign Girl One favoured by the God himself
heart image Anoushka Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; A favour
heart image Ashane Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favoured; God is gracious; God has shown favour
heart image Bhuji Baby Boy Sign Boy Granting Favours; Patron
heart image Daveth Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the favourite
heart image Daviana Baby Girl Sign Girl A beloved person who is everyone's favourite
heart image Debopriya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is the favourite of the Gods
heart image Devprasad Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has the divine favour; God's Blessings; Gift of God
heart image Eshma Baby Girl Sign Girl Lucky; Whom luck favours
heart image Fortunatus Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is favoured by Lady Luck
heart image Geovana Baby Girl Sign Girl God has bestowed his favours upon me
heart image Haba Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is charming; Favourite; A variant of Haiba
heart image Hannabelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Favoured with grace and beauty
heart image Jans Baby Boy Sign Boy God has been gracious; God is merciful; God has shown favour
heart image Joh Baby Boy Sign Boy God is Gracious,merciful; God has favoured; One who wants to improve the lives of others
heart image Johanan Baby Boy Sign Boy Endowment, favour and Gift of God; Name of many men in Bible
heart image Johanne Baby Girl Sign Girl God has favoured; He is merciful benovlent ,kind and gracious
heart image Johnniemae Baby Boy Sign Boy Jehova has given; The gift and blessing of Jehova; Given of God, he has shown favour
heart image Johntel Baby Boy Sign Boy Jehova has given; The gift and blessing of Jehova; Given of God,he has shown favour
heart image Keyarah Baby Boy Sign Boy My favourite; Princess
heart image Ljudmila Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is favoured by the people
heart image Lotfallah Baby Boy Sign Boy Favour of Allah
heart image Mersades Baby Girl Sign Girl Virgin Mary; a favour and pity; an honour
heart image Mincho Baby Boy Sign Boy A favourite of all; Son of the closest companion
heart image Mollyann Baby Girl Sign Girl God has favoured us
heart image Nafiah Baby Girl Sign Girl Benevolent; Beneficial; Favourable
heart image Nidia Baby Girl Sign Girl Disposed to bestow favours
heart image Odwolfe Baby Boy Sign Boy A just or fair person; Free from any favouritism; Unbiased person
heart image Omaswat Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendly; Favourable; Companion of sacred lord
heart image Oneta Baby Girl Sign Girl Full of mercy or grace, favourable
heart image Oriol Baby Boy Sign Boy Favourable regard
heart image Priyaa Baby Boy Sign Boy Favourite; Beloved; Dearmost; Much-Loved; Adored; Treasured
heart image Reyham Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is prefered and favoured by the God

The baby names that mean favour in this post are undoubtedly some of the sweetest-sounding ones. But apart from their melodic quality, they are also packed with rich meanings. This is what makes them so impactful and a decisive choice for parents around the world. Using such a name is also a great way to convey your gratitude for the arrival of your bundle of joy. The name will constantly remind you of the blessings you have received from the divinity in your life.

Infographic: Charming Baby Names That Mean Favour

Names that mean favour evoke a special sense of endearment. They represent gracefulness, luck, and God’s mercy. These names have been well-loved and adored by people worldwide. If you are stuck in your name search process and are looking for inspiration, check out the infographic below and find some of the finest options.

fascinating names meaning favour for your newborn (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the origin and cultural significance of baby names that mean ‘favor’?

Baby names meaning ‘favor’ are varied and thus, have several origins and cultural associations. For instance, Akie is a Japanese name meaning ‘autumn,’ ‘bright,’ ‘favor,’ and ‘benefit.’ Hanno is a Phoenician name meaning ‘grace, ‘favor.’ Anugrah is an Indian and Indonesian name meaning ‘favor.’ These names are tied to their cultures with their language and connotations.

2. Which biblical names mean ‘favor’?

There are several biblical names that mean ‘favor.’ Some of them are Elhanan meaning ‘God is gracious,’ Hananiah meaning ‘Yahweh is gracious,’ Hannah meaning ‘favor,’ ‘grace,’ and Anael, also known as Haniel, meaning ‘God answers,’ ‘favor,’ or ‘grace.’

3. Which Hebrew baby names mean ‘favor’ or ‘grace’?

Chen meaning ‘grace,’ ‘charm,’ Hannah meaning ‘favor,’ ‘grace,’ Lichen meaning ‘my beauty’ or ‘my grace,’ Lihen meaning ‘my beauty’ or ‘my grace,’ and Anael meaning ‘favor,’ ‘grace,’ or ‘God answers’ are some Hebrew names meaning ‘favor’ or ‘grace.’

4. What are some unique and uncommon baby names that mean ‘favor’?

Baby names like Armo which means ‘grace,’ and ‘mercy’ in Finnish, Isae which implies ‘blessing,’ ‘favor,’ ‘grace,’ ‘kindness’ in Japanese, Protpan meaning ‘fondness,’ ‘favor’ in Thai, and Vilbogi meaning ‘will,’ ‘liking,’ ‘favor’ and ‘bow’ in Icelandic are rare names in with the meaning of ‘favor.’


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