43 Baby Girl Names That Mean Favour

Abbagaylebeing dad's favourite daughterGirl
AdreannaThe favour or gracefulness of seaGirl
AelfhunA mystical favour from GodUnisex
AmlaDerived from Amala; they are clean and pure who does favoursGirl
AnayatThe one who is praised, favour and is excellentUnisex
AnechkaA graceful personality on whom God showers favoursGirl
AnelieThe one favoured by the God himselfGirl
AniyaA favour from GodGirl
AniyahA loving and concerned human being who is a favour from GodGirl
AniyyahA loving and concerning favour from GodGirl
AnjaniqueShe is the favour of God and is sent straight from heavenGirl
AnjeanetteA favour sent by GodGirl
AvipriyaOne who is favoured by everyoneGirl
BreindelBlessing; Grace; FavourGirl
DavianaA beloved person who is everyone's favouriteGirl
DebopriyaOne who is the favourite of the GodsGirl
Eshmalucky or whom luck favours.Girl
GeovanaGod has bestowed his favours upon me.Girl
Hanae ( はなえ)Japanese - Blossom; Flower; Blessing; FavourGirl
HannabelleGermanic - Favoured with grace and beautyGirl
HannahGrace, FavourGirl
Hannekefavour, Grace (Hebrew &Latin), Apricot (Japanese), Grain (Sanskrit)Girl
HarmeharGod'S Grace; Blessing or Favour of God; God's MercyGirl
JaneyJehovah has shown favourGirl
JeniannaA graceful or favourable ladyGirl
JennsenGod has shown favourGirl
JohanaGod is merciful and gracious,God has favouredGirl
JohanneGod has favoured ,he is merciful benovlent ,kind and graciousGirl
JohnavonGod has favoured ,he is merciful benovlent ,kind and graciousGirl
LjudmilaA person who is favoured by the peopleGirl
MersadesVirgin Mary; a favour and pity; an honourGirl
MollyannGod has favoured usGirl
NafiahThe person who is benevolent, beneficial, favourable.Girl
NaniceOne who is favoured by GodGirl
NanjaOne who is merciful, who favoursGirl
NenaSweet little girl, the favourite great grand daughter.Girl
NidiaDisposed to bestow favours.Girl
OnetaFull of mercy or grace, favourableGirl
RashonaGod's favouriteGirl
RedaA man who was favoured by the LordUnisex
SedehannaGod has favoured with a victory dayGirl
TakishaThe favourite childGirl
TyanneMixture of Tyrus (strength rock) and Anne (God has favoured me).Girl
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