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Having a baby is a milestone in the life of parents. And it brings forth loads of responsibility, one of the first ones being choosing a beautiful name. Naming gives parents an opportunity to define the child’s character and personality by picking a moniker that signifies their favorite trait. So if you want your child to grow up into a person of resolute determination and strength of character, give him a name meaning firm.

Many of you must be wondering how is firmness even a positive trait. It is, only when you think deeply about it. Firmness isn’t about being mean and strict with others. It’s about kindness if you are willing to believe. By stating yourself, your needs and your feelings, you are reducing ambiguity. People will know precisely what you want from them when you are firm and will respond accordingly. To put it simply, firmness gives people the liberty to voice their opinions without compromising on themselves and their relationships.

If you are convinced enough, then check out the list by MomJunction on baby names meaning firm. All the baby names are cool, cute, and have a bit of edge. So what are you waiting for? Start shortlisting the names now!

Abannaksomeone who is Firm to his decisionsBoy
AbdulmateenServant of the Firm; StrongBoy
AbdulmatinOriginated from Arabic language that means slave to the firm, powerful and strong personalityBoy
AchalConstant; Steady; means firm and constant like a mountainBoy
AchlaOne who is immovable or firm of decisionGirl
AchlendraThe Lord of firm decisionsBoy
AchutaPure, not touched, firmGirl
AdelhardA firm and determined personBoy
AkapivataUnshaken, Firm, ResoluteBoy
AkidCertain Strong firm; a reserved natured personBoy
AlolaUnagitated; Firm; SteadyBoy
AlolupaFree from Desire; Firm; SteadyBoy
AmflisA firm and decisive personality always trying to capture the authoritative powerGirl
ArthvanaWith a firm purposeBoy
AtalbahadurA firm and brave personBoy
AtalbirA firm person who is strongBoy
AthilSomeone who is firmly rootedBoy
AtkilaFixed firmlyBoy
AzeemaOne who has great determination and firmness of purposeGirl
BatjargalFirm happinessBoy
BatuhanFirm, hard or strongBoy
BatukhanA firm rulerBoy
BerikOne who is firm, hard and strongBoy
BerkFrom the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow; From the Fortified Settlement; Solid; Firm; StrongBoy
BrighidA firm and strong womanGirl
BrigidaA strong, firm, healthy womanGirl
BrigitteA solid, firm, strong womanGirl
BuhsumA firm and hard BoyBoy
ChantesutaThe one who has a firm heartUnisex
Chul (쿨)Firm; something that is neither soft nor very hardBoy
ConstanceSteadfast and firm of purpose; dependable and dedicatedGirl
CorneliaA person who is firm, wise and strongwilledGirl
CostaFirm; Secure; Stable; SteadfastBoy
DhircetasOne who is Strong Minded; Courageous; Strong willed; Stands FirmBoy
DhruddavratStrong Willed Meditator; One who stands firm; Strong MindedBoy
DhrupadaFirm Footed; A King Name who ruled Panchala, Name of father of Draupadi and DhrishtadyumnaBoy
DhruvA firm and faithful individual; polar starBoy
DhruvasvaOne with big ambitions; firm horsesBoy
DhruveshA constant one; they are firm and patientBoy
DhruviOne who has a lot of energy; is firmly fixedGirl
DhruvinOldest one; they are firmBoy
DhurjatiThey are as firm as Lord ShivaBoy
DhutitBright Straight Forward Person; one who stands firm and is righteousBoy
DiuinA stable and firm person; part of divineBoy
DrdharuciOne who has firm tastesBoy
DrsadvataOne who is firm like the stoneBoy
DrupadIt means to be firm footedBoy
DuranA firm and enduring human beingBoy
DurrantEnduring and firm individualBoy
EkagrFocused; Firm; One who has complete concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable;Boy
EkagraFocused; Firm; One who has complete concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable;Boy
EkagrahFocused; Firm; Decisive; Persistent; Resolute; One who has strong determination;Boy
EkakasaFocused; Firm; Decisive; Persistent; Resolute; One who has strong determination;Boy
EkakshOne Eyed; Focused; Firm; Decisive; Persistent; Resolute; One who has strong determination;Boy
EkasargConcentrated; Closely Attentive; Focussed; Firm; Determined;Boy
EkatanConcentrated; Closely Attentive; Focussed; Firm; Determined;Boy
EmudiagaLet's stand firmlyBoy
Eoforhearda firm wild boar.Boy
Estanislaostrength or firmness or glory or fame.Boy
Ethensafe or firm or strong.Boy
FasteOne who is firm and resolute.Boy
FirmanFair,White (in English); A mandate or edict (in Arabic); Firm (in Latin)Unisex
FirminAn unyielding and firm person (derived from Latin Firmus meaning firm)Unisex
FirminoA steadfast, unwavering and firm personalityBoy
FuyumReefers to firm and powerful man.Boy
GaelanA person who has firm mindGirl
GaelenThe one who keeps his mind firm under difficult situation.Boy
GaretA person who is firm with a spear.Boy
GerardusA firm spear that cannot be taken offBoy
GirardusGirardus means Firm Spear and comes from Old German.Boy
HaldisTeutonic - Spirit of Stone; Old Norse - Firm HelperUnisex
HalldisA firm helperGirl
HamizFirm, Vigorous, Summer, Intelligent, BrilliantBoy
HardStrong, solid, firm, not easily broken, resistant to pressureBoy
HardredA firm man of red hairBoy
HarshardhaFaith in God; Belief in God; Devotion in God; Firm trust in GodBoy
HasifFirm, Judicious, SteadyBoy
Hazimjudicious, Firm, energeticBoy
HuzaymaHe is a firm believerBoy
JatusthiraEver Solid; Never Yielding; Firm and UnyieldingBoy
JodhveerReady to stand firm,unbeatable,true warrior and unfearful in war.Boy
KadakHard; Firm;Boy
KaneezahThe name means Firm, SturdyGirl
KathoraFirm; Hard; Strong;Boy
LangithA variant of name Langit meaning Sky, Heaven, Paradise, FirmamentBoy
MakeenA man who is strong and firmBoy
MeinhardGermanic - Hardy Strength; Firm; Powerful strength; A variation of MaynardBoy
MeinkeGermanic - Hardy Strength; One who stands Firm; A variation of MeinoBoy
MeinoGermanic - Hardy Strength; One who stands Firm; A variation of MeinkeBoy
MeinyardGermanic - Hardy Strength; One who stands Firm; A variation of MeinoBoy
MenardGermanic - Hardy Strength; Firm; Powerful strength; A variation of MaynardBoy
MonkhbatEternal firmnessBoy
Naamadolfirming in name, the firm nameBoy
NehchaljotSteady nimble or firm bright.Boy
NeonThe one who is firm and steady.Boy
NeronThe one who steady and firm.Boy
NihchalbirThe one who is firm and bold.Boy
NihchalpreetStrong affection, firm relationship.Boy
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