135  Baby Names That Mean Firm

Having a baby is a milestone in the life of parents. And it brings forth loads of responsibility, one of the first ones being choosing a beautiful name. Naming gives parents an opportunity to define the child’s character and personality by picking a moniker that signifies their favorite trait. So if you want your child to grow up into a person of resolute determination and strength of character, give him a name meaning firm.

Many of you must be wondering how is firmness even a positive trait. It is, only when you think deeply about it. Firmness isn’t about being mean and strict with others. It’s about kindness if you are willing to believe. By stating yourself, your needs and your feelings, you are reducing ambiguity. People will know precisely what you want from them when you are firm and will respond accordingly. To put it simply, firmness gives people the liberty to voice their opinions without compromising on themselves and their relationships.

If you are convinced enough, then check out the list by MomJunction on baby names meaning firm. All the baby names are cool, cute, and have a bit of edge. So what are you waiting for? Start shortlisting the names now!

NihchalpremTrue love, firm friendship.Boy
NirantharThe one who is marked by firm determination or resolution.Boy
OldwinThe Blue atmosphere, blue firmament.Boy
OmranFirm construction, Rock-solid building, Concrete configurationBoy
OnfreThe one who is firm in his mind during the problem times.Boy
PraxedesOne with very firm intentions. Also a name of the saint who helped the poor; A person who is active and alertGirl
QaraarMuslim name meaning firm, firmnessBoy
QawiOne who is strong, powerful, and firm.Boy
QaysMuslim name meaning firmBoy
RickwardA firm, strong, determined guardianBoy
RicoA ruler known to be strong and firmBoy
RicweardA firm and strong man who protects and guardsBoy
RikkiOne who rules with a firm handBoy
RoqueOne firm as a rock isBoy
SabitFirmly in place, or unshakeable.Boy
SanaulEasy to mold, firm to touchBoy
SaramayOne who is very firmBoy
SareemaOne who has firm decisionsGirl
SixtenA victory firm as a stoneBoy
SomoodA firm, steadfast personBoy
StasyaStrength, fame or firmnessGirl
StoianStay or remain, or one who stands firmly.Boy
StojankaShe who stands firmly on the groundGirl
StokkardOne who is strong and firm like a treeBoy
StonerOne who is firm like a stoneBoy
StoyanHe who stands firmlyBoy
TrumbaldA firm and strong man.Boy
TuffaOne who has firm ideas and idealsBoy
TybaltFirm or courageous people.Boy
TyceThe one who is firm in inner self.Boy
WillaOne who is firm and resolute.Girl
YugantarDistance between two generations, firm in the battle, or ever LastingBoy
ZafeerOne of firm and resolute intentionBoy
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