95 Baby Girl Names That Mean First

Aadaaada has a meaning of noble or a noble one, In Germany word aada means adornment or a first bornGirl
Aadhya (आध्या)The first power; the beginning; another name of Goddess DurgaGirl
Aadishri (आदिश्री)The name aadishri means First or more important, eminentGirl
Aadya (आध्या)the word signifies the first; Mother Earth, it is also the name of Goddess DurgaGirl
Aahana (आहना)Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun; AngelGirl
Aarashithe name has a meaning of First ray of sun or something newGirl
AarushaFirst rays of the morning sun which is life givingGirl
AarushiFirst rays of the sun; Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun; Early morning SunshineGirl
Aavanithe First month of tamil calendarGirl
AbcdeMeans first five amazing letters of alphabetGirl
AbibaAfrican - The first child born after death of grandmother; Abeaba and Abeabah are the variant spellings of AbibaGirl
AdaobiThe first daughter in the family compound.Girl
AdeliseOne who is the first in nobilityGirl
AdhayaThe first creator or the first powerGirl
AdiputeriFirst daughter or princessGirl
AdithaThe first rootGirl
AfafaThe first child of the second husband.Girl
AgrapinaA girl who is born feet first.Girl
AgripinaA variant of Agrapina, meaning one who is born feet first.Girl
AkiaAfrican - First Born; Also a variant form of name Kia which means difficult and in Greek it means pureGirl
AklimaThe first stepGirl
AllulaThe first leapGirl
AloulaThe first leapers full of quick, enlightened and ambitious mindsetGirl
AlphaAn excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualitiesUnisex
AlsatiaA rare first name derived from Alsace - a region in FranceGirl
AlulaEmbodied with celestial wisdom they are dainty like feather are the first born and full of rushnessUnisex
ApiyoFirst of the twins.Girl
AristiGreek word meaning excellence; the firstbornGirl
AshviniName of the first nakshatra in thr Hindu mythologyGirl
AydiaThe noble one who is also the first born femaleGirl
AyitaFirst To DanceGirl
BadriyahAn early and firstborn childGirl
BelphoebeA combination of Belle (meaning "beautiful") and the name Phoebe (a common epithet for the goddess Diana in Latin poetry), this name was first used by Edmund Spenser in his 16th century work The Faerie Queene.Girl
BereFirst daughter of the family.Girl
BisiShe who is a first-born daughter in the familyGirl
ChaithraFirst month of Spring seasonUnisex
DawnettaFirst appearance of daylightGirl
DurmataFirst power; strong as DurgaGirl
EkaThe first born childUnisex
Emblaaccording to Norse mythology Embla was the first woman on earth.Girl
Evethe first woman on earth.Girl
FarjThe first light of the daybreakUnisex
GenetRefers to the very first garden Eden which was created by the God Almighty.Unisex
GurnamaskarThey are of idealistic nature with a desire to help others. The initiative often causes them to be the first to act when you see a needGirl
HanaArabic for "happiness," and Japanese for "flower," Korean for "One, First, Consistency," and Hawaiian for "workGirl
HatsukoJapanese - First Born ChildGirl
HatsumomoJapanese - First Born peachGirl
IgeBorn feet firstUnisex
JewelianneLatin feminine form of julianus, which is a derivation of julius the first down the chin, downy-beardedGirl
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