95 Baby Girl Names That Mean First

KadeeRhyming; Rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic - First; Old Greek - Pure; A variant spelling is KadyGirl
KadieRhyming; Rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic - First; Old Greek - Pure; A variant spelling is KadyGirl
KadyRhyming; Rhythmic flow of sounds; Celtic - First; Old Greek - Pure; A variant spelling is KadieGirl
KandeKande name means The Firstborn Female ChildGirl
LeahannaBiblical name,Jacob's first wifeGirl
LuzvimindaMythological Roman Goddess of Childbirth and Giver of First Light to NewbornsGirl
MahneerahA first born twinGirl
MartyneOne who is the first lady of the houseGirl
MiataIn German it means "A reward". In African it means "First born" of "First Lady"Girl
MosiThe first born childUnisex
MosiyaThe child who born first to the parentsUnisex
NafunaThe one who is carried his feet first.Girl
NakiThe girl who was born first in the family or eldest daughter.Girl
NanakName of the first Sikh GuruGirl
NilarunaThe first nimble of the sunset evening.Girl
NurrinThe first female sibling or the eldest sister in the family.Girl
OnThe number one, first numberGirl
OnaThe number one, the first and foremost.Girl
OrlaThe person who takes the very first step to perform anything.Girl
PrimThe first rose, or the first-born childGirl
PrimaThe first one, the first-born daughterGirl
PriminaThe first-born little oneGirl
PrimroseThe very first roseGirl
PrimulaThe very first oneGirl
PurviThe first one who comes from the EastGirl
RishonaOne who is the first in lineGirl
SallieNickname, rarely a first name, means princessGirl
SapeedahFirst light in the morning, dawnGirl
SapidahFirst light in the morning, dawnGirl
ShabnamShe is like the first morning dewGirl
ShamiramName of the first Assyrian queenGirl
ShrejalA beautiful name, meaning best, first or foremost.Girl
ShrestaOne who is first, best, foremostGirl
ShumaylahFirst woman who wore coloured garments and perfumeGirl
SonisayOne who creates a good first impression.Girl
TaiwoThe first of the twin to see the worldGirl
TarjaniThe first fingerGirl
TawiahThe first child after twins.Girl
TeyacapanA term used for first born daughter.Girl
VyustiThe first gleam of dawn.Girl
WenonaThe first born daughter.Girl
YusayrahEasy; One of the First Two Swear Allegiance (bayah) to the ProphetGirl
ZuhrThe first three nights of the lunar month, light or brilliance.Girl
ZulfahNearness, Closeness; One who is very dear; A variant spelling is Zulfa which means first part of nightGirl
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