110 Baby Boy Names That Mean Flame

DipankuraFlame coming out of a lampBoy
DipitaA manifested being; inflamed; envy no oneBoy
DivyankPant of Light; Flame; Bright; Radiant; GlowBoy
DiyanLamp; Source of Light; Flame of LightBoy
FlaminioThe keeper of the flames; i.e. A priest (in Spanish)Boy
GagandeepA lamp in the sky; Light in the sky; Glorious flame in the sky;Boy
GagandeepakLamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;Boy
GaganjotLamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;Boy
GaganjyotLamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;Boy
GyanjotA flame of information or knowledgeBoy
HarkiranjeetVictory of God's Light; Triumph of God's Light; Conquest of Divine FlameBoy
HetiFlame; Light; FireBoy
JaganuFlames; In Sanskrit means living being; FireBoy
JaideepVictory to the Light; Victory to the Brightness and Radiance of a Flame;Boy
JasjotFlame of Glory; Brightness of Splendidness; Radiance and Luminance of MagnificenceBoy
JawalaFire; Flame; BlazeBoy
JawalantLuminous; Radiant and Bright like FlameBoy
JeevandeepThe Lamp of Life; Radiance and Luminant Flame of LifeBoy
JhareshwarSplendour of the flameBoy
JivandeepThe Lamp of Life; Radiance and Luminant Flame of LifeBoy
JoeontoSplendour and dazzle of the flameBoy
JoideepLight of Happiness; Flame of Joy; Lamp of happinessBoy
JothirajKing of Light; Fire; Flame; A ruler or emperor who is bright and radiantBoy
JusdeepLamp of Glory; Magnificient and splendid light; Brilliant FlameBoy
JvalkaA large Flame; Bright, Glorious and Radiant LightBoy
JwalaprasadOne who is the master of fire, or the master of flamesBoy
JyotiprakasaJyotiprakasa means Light of the FlameBoy
JyotiprakashJyotiprakash name means Splendor of FlamesBoy
JyotiranjallSplendour of the Flame; Magnificience of a flame; Glorious divine lightBoy
JyotiranjanThe name means Joyous FlameBoy
JyotiranjanaJoyous Flame; Flame of Happiness, Delight and bliss;Boy
JyotirdharThe name means The Speed of FlamesBoy
JyotisJyotis means Flame, BrightUnisex
KanwarjodhThe name means Flame of PrinceBoy
KeighanKeighan means Small FlamesBoy
KennethKenneth means He is born from the Fiery FlamesBoy
KennettKennett means Born from Fire and FlamesBoy
KenneyThe name means Flame BornBoy
KrisanuFlame, Fire, LightBoy
KrishanuThe name means Flame, FireBoy
KushanuKushanu means the Flames of FireBoy
LahabLahab means FlameBoy
LohitashwaFire, red flamesBoy
LyulfA compound of "wolf" and "flame"Boy
ManjyotLight of the Mind; Brightness of Mind; Radiance of Mind; Flame of the MindBoy
ParatylOne who is lighted like a flameUnisex
PawandeepLamp of Air; Flame of Air; Derived from Sanskrit word Pavan meaning Purifier; Air; WindBoy
PirroOne with a flame-coloured hairUnisex
PlamenSlavic - Flames; Fire; FieryBoy
PremjyotiLamp of Love; Brightness, Brilliance, Radiance and Luminance of flame of LoveBoy
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