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“Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.” Thomas Jefferson

Freedom is one of the most significant human rights and entitlements. It refers to the power of being happy, free, and living life completely on your terms, without any unnecessary external restrictions. It leads to an enhanced expression of original thought, creativity, productivity, and a high quality of life. The feeling one gets at being liberated and free is beyond amazing. And when one is free, one takes more pride in his or her life and honors other’s life and opinions too. Freedom is also the lifeline of civilized living, as without freedom we wouldn’t have evolved as far as we’re today.

Freedom is such a valuable concept that many parents would wish to translate it into their child’s name. So if you’re also considering a name meaning freedom for your little one, take a look at MomJunction's collection below. We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful baby boy and girl names meaning freedom. Check them out.

AafiyatHealth, freedom from illness.Girl
Abhishikthmeans King, One who is energetic, adventurous, daring and freedom-lovingBoy
AfiyatFreedom from illness, healthGirl
AlwardA variant of Alwardt often satisfying restlessness, freedom and personal growthBoy
AlysonAdaptable, adventurous being who are noble and honest seeking freedomGirl
AlzenaImaginative, creative, analytical woman longing for freedomGirl
AmandeepLamp of peace; an urge to find freedom and to enjoy life to the fullest they have a restless heartGirl
AmpheliciaA lover of travelling, affection and freedomGirl
AmphelisiaA lover of adventure, affection and freedomGirl
AnbuvelModern name of a freedom loving manBoy
AnenasyaThe freedom from sin who is very pure and sereneBoy
ApalasinThe one who has achieved freedom from sadness and griefBoy
ArthikaA money loving, freedom driven personGirl
ArvishFreedom lovingBoy
BaldredIt as the name of a courageous man who pleaded for the freedom of Scottish. The name symbolizes leadership and Initiative.Boy
CarliWoman who loves her freedomGirl
CarlinaShe is a woman with freedomGirl
CarlyeA woman who has her freedomGirl
CarlyleA girl who has freedomGirl
CarlynShe has her freedomGirl
CarlyneShe has freedomGirl
CarlynneShe who has freedomGirl
CarlysA little champion of freedomGirl
CezanneName of an artist seeking freedomUnisex
CharaA man who loves freedom and adventureBoy
ChiruA freedom-loving personBoy
DawnyaDaybreak; they seek freedomGirl
DorothyOne who has a vision and is freedom lovingGirl
DorseyA dark colored individual; in need of freedomGirl
DrorFreedom or SparrowBoy
DulcianaA freedom loving being; sweetGirl
DuzeThey are freedom loving beingsGirl
ElephteriaOne who loves freedom and libertyGirl
EliraThey love freedom and are compassionateGirl
EljinFreedom provider; one who is noble and white coloredBoy
EllonOne who is passionate and loves freedom; brightGirl
FanchonOne with freedomGirl
FaniOne who has freedomBoy
FanucoOne who likes freedom, freeBoy
FerencA man with freedomBoy
FreebornAs the name translates, it means a person who is born with freedomBoy
FrithRefers to freedom from slavery.Boy
FrithestanThe place or land of freedom or peaceGirl
FrithswithOne who enjoys freedomBoy
GatleenMerged in Freedom; Joined by independence; A Punjabi nameBoy
GatnamLiberated Through Naam; Freedom through fame; A Punjabi nameBoy
GhulaamA slave, person with no freedomBoy
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