33 Baby Names That Mean Future

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. This beautiful quotation of Eleanor Roosevelt has inspired millions of people across the globe. We all want the world and the humanity to move towards a positive future. And to achieve that, you need to believe in yourself, your dreams and your vision. Once you’ve understood your goal and vision, you’ll know which direction you need to head. This, in no way, implies that everyone around you will head in the same direction. You may come across several elements, which may say that you are not moving towards the vision and may even attempt to engage you in negative talk and action. But the faith you have in your vision will keep you from wavering. Just try to find the positive path where you can create a thriving future for the coming generations.

So make your child believe in the positivity of the future by giving him a name meaning the same. Below you’ll find hundreds of baby boy and girl names meaning future. Just search through MomJunction's list and pick a perfect one for your child.

AhsaLife, Hope of FutureGirl
AredetfredhiThe one having a righteous father or the mother of a future savior.Girl
BabyA complete and successful person; shaping futureGirl
BainOne who have a strong vision of the futureGirl
BashiriOne who can foretell the future.Boy
BavishyaFuture, UpcomingGirl
BhavishaFuture, one who can see the future.Girl
BhavishnuKnowing the Future; Thriving; Blossoming; Flourishing; BloomingBoy
BhavishyFuture; Advanced; Blossoming; Flourishing; BloomingBoy
BhavishyaFuture; Advanced; Blossoming; Flourishing; BloomingBoy
BhavishyajotLight Of FutureGirl
BhavisyaFuture; Advanced; Blossoming; Flourishing; BloomingBoy
BhgyanandanController of Destiny; One who controls the futureBoy
BhruguA Prajapati; Name of a saint who foretold the future;Boy
CibilA name for fortune-teller, one who predicts the futureGirl
DebyanneFate; One who is certain of the futureGirl
DelphiaOne who can predict future; wombGirl
DvimidhaOne who knows present and futureBoy
ElaputraOne who has a bright future aheadBoy
GadiPositive fortune or profitable future.Boy
HoshedarA name of the one who will be a savior in the futureBoy
JijeshWho will Win Whatever He Desires; Decides his Own FutureBoy
LaiLai means FutureGirl
LambegusA Land that promises a Bright FutureBoy
LanreMy wealth is the future.Girl
LavindeepA person with bright and prosperous futureGirl
MancioA soothsayer or one who foretells the future.Boy
MiraiThe future, the time that yet to comeGirl
NahshonThe one who fore-tells the futureBoy
NeviahThe one who can foretells the future things.Girl
SybyllShe who predicts futureGirl
SybyllaShe who tells the futureGirl
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