102 Baby Names That Mean Gain

We know that the world is moving at a breakneck pace and bestowing the same, old, classic name won’t make your child stand out. You need to think out of the box and choose something, which makes heads turn. But picking a unique and trendy baby name can be quite a grueling task. Yes, we know that trendy names are great, but don’t you think every child born that year will have that moniker? We’re sure your child won’t want to share his name with his classmate. Therefore, we’d suggest you opt for a name that is recognizable, timeless, and has a beautiful meaning.

Each and every name carries a characteristic with itself, which people attach to the name bearer. So why not give your child a name meaning gain, so that it inspires him to be a gainer and an achiever in life?

Gaining doesn’t just mean securing wealth or witnessing an increase in wealth. It encompasses a wide range, which includes gaining experience, education, and most importantly, trust. All these combined will only make your child a better human being.

If you want a baby name meaning gain, look no further, as MomJunction has compiled a list of baby names meaning the same!

AalekhLearned; One of many names of Lord Shiva; to become informed; gain knowledgeBoy
AanjayUnconquerable; being victorious; Win; GainBoy
AbhibhuTo Overcome; Conquer; To gain a victory; masterBoy
AdharmaSomething wrong or against moral valuesBoy
AdhrsyaOne who is secure against any attackBoy
Aflahgaining success or progressiveGirl
AgamyaA beautiful maiden who has the zeal to learn and gain knowledge and wisdom about everything she lays interests on.Girl
AkalesvaraLord Shiva. It means strength gained through experience, success after test and trialsBoy
AkashadharLord Visnu; Strength gained through experienceBoy
AlttheaA promising name gaining fame and recognition, their inventive nature makes them sincere,genuine and a visionaryGirl
AlwynnA noble Friend with inclination to personal gain and attaining success and independenceBoy
AnastasiaResurrection; coming againGirl
AntiAnother form of Andrew; the one who is against, strong and braveGirl
AntigonusThe ancient Greek name means against or compared to.Boy
ArntEagle; a nature loving person who has intent on gainBoy
AryoName of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.Boy
AshwatTree of Knowledge; Tree where Buddha medidated and Gained knowledgeBoy
AshwathTree of Knowledge; Tree where Buddha medidated and Gained knowledgeBoy
AswanthaTree of Knowledge; Tree where Buddha medidated and Gained knowledgeBoy
AswathTree of Knowledge; Tree where Buddha medidated and Gained knowledgeBoy
AyodhyaNot to Be Fought Against; Derived from name of King "Yudh"Boy
AyudhOne who does not fight; Peace Loving; Against Yudh (War);Boy
AzubuikeStrength gained from experiences of the past.Boy
BabatunjiThe father returns again.Boy
BarbiTraveler from a Foreign Land; In Catholic Custom St Barbara is a Protectors Against Fire and Lightning; Strange; ForeignGirl
BrahamjeetThe triumph or victory of God against devilBoy
BrahmjeetGod's victory against evilBoy
BrahmveerWarrior of God; one who fights for God against evilBoy
ChittajitThe one who wins hearts; or tries to gain affection of someoneBoy
ClaritiaBright, attention gainer and clearGirl
ColinThe triumph or victory of the people against the enemyBoy
ColleteTriumph of men against an enemy; victory of menGirl
ConradBrave; able to fight against tough situations with courageBoy
ConwayThe hound or gaint of the mountains or plainsBoy
DebbiOne who has won a battle against the invaders; strongGirl
DelenaOne who searches for personal gainGirl
DhyanachandThe One who is Happy to Meditate; One who loves to gain enlightmentBoy
ElashShining; A Horse of the Sun; A Sage inscribed in Rig Veda; Name of sage who was helped by Indra against SuryaBoy
Elwythis nam means gain or benefit.Boy
Emelianathis name means to continually strive or excel against a rival.Girl
Emelieliterally meaning someone who is striving or eager to excel when faced in difficult situations against a rival.Girl
Emidiothis is a name in the honour of Saint Emegdius a patron against earthquake who lived during 3rd century and was a bishop.Boy
Emigdiothis is the Spanish form of the Saint Emigdius who was a saviour against earthquakes.Boy
FitoreThe act of conquering and gaining triumphGirl
GeethanHe who gains honor through songs.Boy
GegnThe one who is against or versusBoy
GhiathAn individual who is aggresive and cares for personal gainBoy
GordafridA person created as a hero. It's the name of the Iranian heroine who fought against Sohrab.Girl
GuduleThey love to search and found the reason of every thing.They are mysterious and always trying to gain knowledge.Boy
GuidgenA first century Welsh saint who drove the resistance against the Romans.Boy
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