405 Baby Boy Names That Mean Gift

MeghduttGift of Clouds; Given by the Clouds; Blessing of the CloudsBoy
MeghduttaOne who was the gift of the cloudsBoy
MehanavatA gift from the cloudsBoy
MehranshOne who is a gift of GodBoy
MehrdadGift from the sunBoy
MethewA generous gift of YahwehBoy
MihailA lovely gift from the GodBoy
MihailoThe precious gift from GodBoy
Mikkothe gift from the Almighty.Boy
MiladIn Persian it means the "Gift of the Sun". In Arabic it refers to the birth or birth date.Boy
ModupeoreThank you God for this gift.Unisex
MohanA Gift from the Almighty GodBoy
NaiteA small gift from GodBoy
NatanaelThe best gift of God.Boy
NatanelGifted by God.Boy
NatansA blessing of the gift from godBoy
NathanelThe precious gift from the heaven.Boy
NathannaGod's precious giftBoy
NathinThe valuable gift from God.Boy
NawwalGift in Arabic and New or Sailor in HindiBoy
NayazA gift or a presentBoy
NazrThe present or a giftBoy
NetanelGift of GodBoy
NiazTalents or skills or gifts from God.Boy
NinadThe priceless gift from God.Boy
NofalContribution or payment or gift.Boy
OmduttGiven by God; Blessing of God; Gift from the sacred beingBoy
OssieOne who is as sharp as a God's spear; a giftBoy
PinakDivine Bow of Lord Shiva; In Hindu myth, the bow was gifted to King Janak by Sage Parashurama for being a great discipleBoy
PolidoreOne who is a much wanted giftBoy
PrasadAn offering made by God; A boon; Blessings; A Gift from God;Boy
PrasadaPurity; Gift from God; An offering made by God; A boon; BlessingsBoy
PrasathBlessings; A gift from God; A Boon; Offering made by God; Blessed by GodBoy
PreethuA Boy that is viewed as a gift of GodBoy
PreetiduttGifted with love; Blessed with Love and affection; One who is dearly lovedBoy
PrishThe one that was God gifted. Also means the loving oneBoy
RaagOne with a gift of musicBoy
RaamdattGift of Rama; Blessing of Ram; Lord Rama or God, Supreme spirit; CharmingBoy
RaekwonOne who is gifted with wordsBoy
RajonSun; Gift of God; Brilliant and Bright Sun which is God's Gift to usBoy
RitulTalented; Skilled; Clever; Capable; Endowed; Brilliant; GiftedBoy
Sagardutthe who is a gift of the oceanBoy
SaniThe old one, too ancient, a giftUnisex
SenenGift from GodBoy
ShahrdadHe is the town's giftBoy
ShaiTo be a giftBoy
ShakebOne who is gifted and rewardetBoy
ShakibOne who is gifted a lotBoy
ShaqeebHe was a patient gift to his familyBoy
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