52 Baby Girl Names That Mean Gift And Starts With Letter D

DaiyaA gift from GodGirl
DalaryGift of GodGirl
DarienRoyal giftGirl
DarienneSilent giftGirl
DarinGod's giftGirl
DarinaWonderful gift from GodGirl
DarrianGifted poetGirl
DarynaThe gift of GodGirl
DejanaeGift sent from the gracious GodGirl
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DivyankaA divine person who is a gift of GodGirl
DodieIt means 'Gift of God'Girl
DodoIt means precious Gift of God; his uncleUnisex
DodyGod's Gift, A person who is well lovedGirl
DolA variant of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.Girl
DollVision, It means Gift of GodGirl
DolleyDerived from the word dolly it means 'Gift of God'Girl
DollieVision , It also means Gift of godGirl
DollyGift of God; a blessingGirl
DolyVision ,Gift of godGirl
DonatellaBeautiful Gift of GodGirl
DoraGod's gift on EarthGirl
DoratheaWonderful and lovely gift of GodGirl
DorathyOne who has vision; gift of GodGirl
DordiA gift from God.Girl
DorelEstonian form of Dorothy. It means gift of God.Girl
DoreteA gift sent by God; trustworthyGirl
DorethaGift of God; a determined personGirl
DoretteA wonderful human being who is a giftGirl
DorikaA precous gift sent from heavenGirl
DorinaOne who belongs to the Dorian tribe; a gift of GodGirl
DorindaA creative individual who is a Gift of GodGirl
DorlaA person who is sensitive and a gift sent from GodGirl
DoroThe one who is gift sent from heaven; introvertsGirl
DoroteiaA variant of Dorothea, meaning gift of God.Girl
DorotejaGift of GodGirl
DorothaOne who is the gift of God; filled with energyGirl
DorotheeThey are the gift of God; they are talentedGirl
DorottaThey are the gift sent from God; of the heavenGirl
DorottheaA spelling variation of Dorothea, meaning gift of God.Girl
DorottyaTheyare the God's gift; has special goalsGirl
DorryThe one who is the gift of Isis; goddess of nurturingGirl
DorteGod's gift.Girl
DorthaA wonderful person who is a gift from GodGirl
DorthyA gracious person who is a gift of GodGirl
DorytyCornish form of Dorothy, meaning gift of God.Girl
DotThey are loving and stable people; god's giftGirl
DottieGod who sends a gift on EarthGirl
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