39 Baby Girl Names That Mean Gift And Starts With Letter M

MacaylaA gift of GodGirl
MacieA gift of GodGirl
MadissenA gift of GodGirl
MadsenDanish variation of the name Matthew meaning gift of GodGirl
MadysenA gift of GodGirl
MaghiOne who likes giving gifts to peopleGirl
MakaioOne who was a God's giftUnisex
MakanaA girl who is a gift to the worldGirl
ManhalahA gift from AllahGirl
MasotaA girl who was a Gift of GodGirl
MatayaShe is a God's giftGirl
MateaShe is just like the gift of GodGirl
MatheaA girl who was a God's GiftGirl
MatheldBoy who is a gift of GodGirl
MatiaOne who is a gift from GodGirl
MatieseMatthew; one who is the gift of GodUnisex
MatisseGod's present; Gift of God; A variant name of MatthewGirl
MatteA variation of Mattea, means a gift of GodGirl
MatteaLord's giftGirl
MawhubaA woman who is bestowed and giftedGirl
MayceeShe was the God's giftGirl
MayewShe is the God's giftGirl
MekelleA Gift from the Almighty.Girl
MeladiA gift of happiness, a person that brings joyGirl
MetrodoraThe gift or present from the townGirl
MichaelleA gift from the merciful GodGirl
MichealA beautiful gift from the GodGirl
MicheletteThe God's gracious giftGirl
Miciahthe priceless gift from God.Girl
MicielaA blessed gift from GodGirl
MikaIn Hebrew, it means a gift from the Almighty. In Japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance.Girl
MikkiFeminine form that means a gift from God.Girl
MildgythA tender gift, a small oneGirl
MinadorasA gift from the moon or a light of the moonGirl
MinhaA gift or a blessing from the Almighty.Girl
MinodoraA variant of Menodora, meaning gift.Girl
MishonA Kind gift from the GodGirl
MiskaA blessing of God, A gift from the GodGirl
ModupeoreThank you God for this gift.Unisex
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