267 Baby Names That Mean Glory

No moment can be as thrilling and beautiful as the time you hold the little one in your hands. The pain and anxiety of nine months vanish in a fraction of seconds and what follows is the excitement of raising your bundle of joy.

Parenting brings with it truckloads of responsibility. It’s not just about feeding, clothing, sheltering, and nurturing children. Parents even need to guide them and prepare them to face the challenges of adulthood. But out of all the things, parents do for their children, one thing that they should not miss is showing them the importance of glory.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that everyone nurses a dream of glory. We all want to stand out and be recognized for our achievements, be admired, be loved, and be one of the most influential people in the world. We just want the light to shine on us. All this isn’t unhealthy or bad. What’s unhealthy is how you envision glory. Being just, fair, compassionate, and kind to others while you’re at the peak of success is the real glory.

If you want to teach your child the importance of glory, the best thing you can do is give them a name meaning the glory. Below is MomJunction's list of baby names meaning glory that you can consider.

Abdul muizThe name is originated as African name that means servant of giver of glory and almighty.Boy
AbhisriSurrounded by glory, shining, powerfulGirl
AdarfraThe fire of glory in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
Aditya vardhanAugmented by gloryBoy
AdityavardhanaIncreases Glory; Augmented by the Sun ; A variant of name AdityaBoy
AdoraThe glory of a person, adoredGirl
AhaanAuspicious Dawn; Morning Glory; First Ray of Light; the beginning or rise of anythingBoy
AhanAuspicious Dawn; Morning Glory; First Ray of Light; the beginning or rise of anything; A variant of name AhaanBoy
AhteshamGlory, honor, greatnessBoy
AineshSun's Glory ; one who is bright and splendourous like the Sun; Radiant and Glorious like SunBoy
AmjadArabic - Greater Glory; Noble; Most Excellent; More Illustrious; Skillful; ExpertBoy
AndroklesGreek form of Androcles. It means glory of man.Boy
AngatiMaintainer of sacred fire and is full of gloryBoy
AnitejaImmeasurable Splendour; Infinitely Magnificient; Endless GloryBoy
AnityaHe is perishable and full of gloryUnisex
AnubhaBright lightning and a seeker of gloryGirl
AnupTalent; Glory; Exclusive; Without Comparison; UniqueBoy
AnuprabhaThey are follower of glory and an everlasting and shining bright lightGirl
ArkaprabhaIlluminated like the glory of sunBoy
ArthmailA united and caring individual; they have holy gloryBoy
AsitabhaSurrounded by the light or with unrestrained gloryGirl
AtamjasOne who sings the glory of the spiritBoy
AtreyaReceptacle of Glory; A descendant of Atri, One of the great Hindu sagesBoy
AzamatMajesty or gloryBoy
AzizOne who has great might and gloryBoy
BaharSpring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight; YouthGirl
BengtBlessed,to give honour or glory to (a person or thing) as divine or holyBoy
BhaskariSon of the Sun; One who Brings GloryGirl
BlaedWealthy GloryBoy
BoguslavGod's gloryBoy
BoguslawGod's Glory; Glory from GodBoy
BoguslawaShe who brings glory to GodGirl
BohuslavThe God's gloryBoy
BolekTo achieve great gloryBoy
BoleslavOne who has the greater gloryBoy
BorislavBattle glory.Boy
BranislavProtection of the glory or fameBoy
BrankaThe term used for protection of glorygirl
BratislavGlory of the brotherBoy
BronislawA protector of gloryBoy
BronislawaA woman who protects the gloryGirl
BurtOne who found glory in the brightnessBoy
CadwgonTo have glory in the battleBoy
CampatOne who fell from gloryBoy
ChestislavHonor or gloryBoy
CleaFame; popular; glory; known by everyone; stardom; stature; honourGirl
CleisthenesGlory and strengthBoy
CleoShort from of Cleopatra, which means glory and fameGirl
CleofasOne who sees fame, glory and worthy of praiseBoy
CleonaFame; glory; recognition; reputation; nameGirl
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