67 Baby Girl Names That Mean Glory

AbhisriSurrounded by glory, shining, powerfulGirl
AdoraThe glory of a person, adoredGirl
AnityaHe is perishable and full of gloryUnisex
AnubhaBright lightning and a seeker of gloryGirl
AnuprabhaThey are follower of glory and an everlasting and shining bright lightGirl
AsitabhaSurrounded by the light or with unrestrained gloryGirl
BaharSpring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight; YouthGirl
BhaskariSon of the Sun; One who Brings GloryGirl
BoguslawaShe who brings glory to GodGirl
BrankaThe term used for protection of glorygirl
BronislawaA woman who protects the gloryGirl
CleaFame; popular; glory; known by everyone; stardom; stature; honourGirl
CleoShort from of Cleopatra, which means glory and fameGirl
CleonaFame; glory; recognition; reputation; nameGirl
CleopatraFather's glory or fame; recognition of FatherGirl
CleoraIt means glory or fame of the FatherGirl
CletaShort name for 'Cleopatra', which means one who has glory and fameGirl
ClianthaHonour, glory, repute, name, creditGirl
CliupatraA form of given name Cleopatra, meaning she who brings glory to the father.Girl
DesislavaGlory or finding gloryGirl
DragoslavaPrecious gloryGirl
DrahoslavaPrecious gloryGirl
Estefaniaa Spanish feminized word which has the ultimate meaning of honour or wealth or glory.Girl
Estefanycrowned or glory or wealth.Girl
EvdokiyaGood gloryGirl
FakhrunnisaGlory of the faithGirl
FerangizOne with a dazzling glory. And the name of King Kai-Khusrow's mother.Girl
FolaGlory and Prestige; the one who is honorableGirl
GboyegaCarry the glory high.Girl
GloraThe name Glora is a Latin name and means Glory.Girl
GloriaGloria means Glory in LatinGirl
GlorianaGlorious Grace; Glory; Derived from the Latin word GloriaGirl
GloriannaThe meaning of the name Glorianna comes from Latin and means GloryGirl
IrakliGlory of HeraGirl
IzzThis name symbolizes honor, glory and power.Unisex
JasoslavaGlory of lightGirl
JaspinderLord's gloryUnisex
JochebedThe name Jochebed means God's GloryGirl
KleaKlea means Fame and GloryGirl
KleopatraA form of Cleopatra, meaning glory to father.Girl
LadinaThe name means Domination and GloryGirl
LadislavaShe who rules with glory.Girl
LaurierThe crown of glory which will never fade awayGirl
LaurynnA laurel tree that is a symbol of glory and fameGirl
MahmudeHe who is worthy of glory and praiseGirl
MiloslavaFavor, or gloryGirl
OcaThe splendour or the glory of the most charming King.Girl
RadoslavaFeminine form of Radoslav, meaning eager glory.Girl
RalucaField with birds; Glory of Goddess HeraGirl
RimildeA dame who found glory in the battleGirl
RomildaA battle maid who found her gloryGirl
RostinkaThe usurper of glory.Girl
RostislavaThe usurper of glory.Girl
ShekinahGod's manifested gloryGirl
SlavicaShe who brings gloryGirl
SobeskaAppropriate gloryGirl
StankaStanding In GloryGirl
TehillaSongs of God's gloryGirl
TheclaGod gloryGirl
TheklaGod and gloryGirl
TheokleiaAncient Greek form of Thekla. It means glory of God.Girl
TomislavaTorturous glory.Girl
VjekoslavaGlory of the ages.Girl
YaroslavaSpring gloryGirl
YashodharaBearer of fame or gloryGirl
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