100 Baby Boy Names That Mean Glow

EhanThe glowing full moonBoy
FulbertGlittering radiance or glowing light.Boy
FurozhA glowing radiance.Boy
GavisthaThe house which is full of lights and glow.Boy
HaradeepGlow of Lord Shiva; Light of Lord Shiva; Brightness and Radiance of Lord ShivaBoy
HariqatBurning; Glowing; Radiance; Brightness; LuminanceBoy
HaritejGlow of the Lord; Radiance and Brightness of the LordBoy
HarprakashGod's Light; Brigtness and Radiance of God; Divine GlowBoy
HartejRadiance Of God; Glow of the God; Brightness and Splendidness of GodBoy
HartejpalProtector of the glow of God; Guardian of radiance of LordBoy
HemkantGlow of FlowersBoy
IndragopGlow or lightBoy
JastejGlow of the Glory; Radiance and Luminance of SplendourBoy
JayprakashRadiance or glow of triumph.Boy
Jonnisuch people have spark in personality and glow in their smile. Noble and have ability to unite people. they hardwork to fulfull their desire.Unisex
Joygunsuch people have spark in personality and glow in their smile. Noble and have ability to unite people. they hardwork to fulfull their desire.Unisex
KawenaKawena means The Rosy Glow in the SkyUnisex
KirikSparkling; Shining; Radiant; GlowingBoy
LambirtGlowing, golden estateBoy
Lucienglowing, the one that gives lightBoy
LukeA bright glowing lightBoy
NabahaCelebrity, dignity, intellect, glow, genius.Boy
NawwarA glowing person, radiantBoy
OlirmeniRadiant and Bright body; One with a Shining and glowing complexionBoy
OnirShining; Lustre; Glowing; Bright; RadiantBoy
OrmundThe glow of the conviction, spark of the belief.Boy
OsheaGlowing embers, house aglow with lights.Boy
PonmuthuGolden Pearl; Radiant, Shining and Glowing PearlBoy
PonnadiA Man with Golden Feet; One with radiant, shining and glowing feetBoy
PradhyunA glowing and radiant manBoy
PradiptHe who is illumanted, glowingBoy
PrafulBlooming; Brilliant; Glowing; Splendid; MagnificentBoy
PragalsinghRadiant; Glowing; Bright; Luminant; Brilliant; Splendid; MagnificentBoy
PrajalShining; Glowing; Brilliant; Radiant; BrightBoy
PremenduOne whose love is radiant and glowing like the full moonBoy
RabhavSkilled; Glowing Rays of the Sun; Expert; PrudentBoy
RobersA renown and glowing manBoy
RobertiA famous and glowing manBoy
RobetahHe who is famous and glowingBoy
RobiHe who is glowing with fameBoy
RobisonThe son of the one who glows with fameBoy
RobyHe is glowing and famousBoy
RobynsonA male child of a famous and glowing manBoy
RoshaunA glowing and shining lightBoy
RushanAn illuminated, glowing oneBoy
SenadinGlow of faith, majesty of faithBoy
SiroA man who is glowingBoy
TejaiOne who glowsBoy
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