77 Baby Girl Names That Mean Glow

Aabha (आभा)Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; GloriousGirl
Abhigna (अभिगना)Valuable, clever mind or glowing.Girl
AlaulaLight of early dawn, sunset glow; thinks about welfare of fellow menGirl
AnshulaA brilliant glowing sunny sunbeamGirl
AnshumaalaThey are radiant, glowing rays of SunGirl
AnsudharaA bright, glowing and sunny sunbeamGirl
ArunimaRed glowGirl
AshmizaCreative; one who glows with intelligenceGirl
AurumOne who has deep inner truth; glowing dawnUnisex
BullahA beautiful glow of the youthGirl
CandOne who dazzles like bright and glowing lightGirl
CandiOne who glows brightGirl
CandiaShe glows whiteGirl
CandiceA sparkling, glowing womanGirl
CandideWhite glowing, sweet thingGirl
CandieBright glowing thingGirl
CandilaHer glow is whiteGirl
ClaudeanSomething that glows or shinesGirl
DeepithaAn illuminated and glowing personGirl
DeeptiA glowing and brilliant lightGirl
DhiaSplendor or glow.Girl
DhuthiOne who has brightest glow and shineGirl
DhutiSplendor; glowing beam of lightGirl
FurozanOne who has a glowing radianceGirl
HbaThe glowing one or radiant oneGirl
HelainShining light, glowing, brightGirl
HellaineGlow, shine, FlushGirl
HuhuluThe one who glowsGirl
Jonnisuch people have spark in personality and glow in their smile. Noble and have ability to unite people. they hardwork to fulfull their desire.Unisex
Joygunsuch people have spark in personality and glow in their smile. Noble and have ability to unite people. they hardwork to fulfull their desire.Unisex
JyothirmaayeeThe meaning of the name is Bright, GlowingGirl
JyotishmatiJyotishmati means Glowing or BrightGirl
KasviKasvi means She is GlowingGirl
KawenaKawena means The Rosy Glow in the SkyUnisex
LaasyaSmile; Beam; Glow; GrinGirl
LalimaA beautiful glow of the reddish, morning skyGirl
LamijaOne with a shining, glowing personality.Girl
LianaTo be bound by vines; A lady that glows; My God has answeredGirl
LizanneA bright glowing ornamentGirl
LucienneIllumination, glowGirl
MaahnoorThe Moon's glowGirl
MalihaWoman with a glowing, happy faceGirl
MeleahA woman with the radiant and glowing skinGirl
MirayGlowing like a moonGirl
MuniraGlowing, illuminatedGirl
NadhirahThe one who is good looking and glowing.Girl
NazraGlow and happiness of a person's face.Girl
NureenShimmering, shining, glowing.Girl
NuwairahTiny flower, little fire, graceful, glow.Girl
PradeeptaA glowing, shining womanGirl
RaushangulGlowing flowerGirl
RobeeOne who glows like a burning flameGirl
RobeenaA glowing and famous womanGirl
RobenaA shinning, glowing fameGirl
RobeneShe whose fame is glowingGirl
RoberlieA rare made up name, that means a woman who is known for her glowGirl
RobertaA woman who is acclaimed and glowingGirl
RoberteShe who is well-known for her glow and fameGirl
RobinaShe who glows of fameGirl
RobinetteShe is glowing from powerGirl
RobynnShe is an illuminated, glowing, well-known womanGirl
RobynnaShe is a glowing and well-known womanGirl
RoshnaA bright glow of a womanGirl
RoshniShining and glowing of a girlGirl
RoxannaShe who glows like a dawnGirl
RoxyShe glows like a dawnGirl
RubainaA glowing and shining personGirl
SenadinaGlow of faithGirl
ShahnoorA woman with a royal glow around herGirl
SharfaA woman with glowing qualitiesGirl
ShichiOne who glowsGirl
ShobhanaA shinning, splendig woman who glowsGirl
ShukhiaThe light, glowingGirl
SohaliaOf the moon's glow; Radiant and Shining like a moonGirl
SoilaA glow of the northen polar lightsGirl
SozanGlowing or burningGirl
TveshaRefers to radiance or glow.Girl
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