410 Baby Names That Mean Gold

OphiraFemale name of Ophir (expensive gold)Girl
OraliaPrecious, priceless, golden jewel.Girl
OraniaThe one who can be seen as Gold.Girl
OrelPrecious and bright as the gold.Boy
OreliaExpensive and glittering as gold.Girl
OriolzA golden person, who is precious as goldBoy
OroGold which is high expensive and precious.Boy
OrvaAsset as a gold or valued as golden treasure.Girl
OrvalA town of GoldBoy
OrvaleA own full of goldBoy
OrvaleeA person treasurable as goldGirl
OrvalleOne from the golden village.Boy
OrvelThe golden shining personBoy
OrvilleThe town or city which is filled by golden treasuries.Boy
PaarasName of a stone whic turns metal to goldBoy
PaunrajOne who is golden natured; quick thinkerBoy
PaziaOne who is goldenGirl
PetaName given to the Golden EagleGirl
PetvaOne which is like gold and fireUnisex
PingalA reputed sage; A variant is Pingala; Golden; Of yellow hue; Brajbhasa as used in Rajasthan during Mughal periodBoy
PitavasasA person dressed in goldBoy
PonmeniyanOne with a shining and radiant body; Appealing and Attractive Golden skinBoy
PonmudiOne who wears a crown of goldBoy
PonmuthuGolden Pearl; Radiant, Shining and Glowing PearlBoy
PonnadiA Man with Golden Feet; One with radiant, shining and glowing feetBoy
PonnadiyanA man whose feet are goldenBoy
PonnaganShining, Radiant and Beautiful Person; One with a golden heartBoy
PonnusamiHe is a God og GoldBoy
PonnusamyThe golden GodBoy
PonrajA person who is like GoldBoy
PonvelOne of many names of Lord Muruga signifying his form holding the golden "Vel"Boy
PonvelaOne of many names of Lord Muruga signifying his form holding the golden "Vel"Boy
RanugaHe who journeys with gold.Boy
ReliaA variant of Aurelia, meaning gold.Girl
RukmOne who is decorated with goldGirl
RukminiA woman adorned, decorated with goldGirl
RuwanGold; Prosperity and Richness; Shining and Brilliant; BrightBoy
ShezreenA particle og goldGirl
SonaGold, moonlightGirl
SonalyA woman made of goldGirl
SoneeyaGolden, belovedGirl
SoniA golden ad pretty, but wise womanGirl
SonikaThe golden oneGirl
SonuBeloved or familiar with gold.Boy
SovannHe who is goldenUnisex
SovannahHe who is made of goldGirl
SovannarOne who is like gold.Boy
SovannarithA golden boy.Boy
SovayHe is like a goldBoy
SubarnaOf the colour of goldGirl
SubarnalataA golden vineGirl
SumerGold mountain, born in the summer month.Boy
SuvarnaGold, good complexionGirl
SuvarnarekhaLine of goldGirl
SuvarnmalaGolden necklaceGirl
SwaranOne who has a golden heartBoy
SwaranjeetOne who is a golden winnerBoy
SwarnaA woman of beautiful gold colorGirl
SwarnamalaGarland of goldGirl
SwarnaprabhaGolden lightGirl
SwarnapurishwaraLord of the golden cityBoy
SwarnimThe golden shineBoy
TalayahGolden ray of the sunGirl
TanishkaGoddess of goldGirl
TaniskaName of the Goddess of gold. The name means daughterGirl
TapurA golden BoyBoy
TasnuvaA piece of goldGirl
ThankamThe color of goldGirl
TippiA yellow or golden horseGirl
XantheThe shade gold.Girl
XantheusOne who is golden haired.Boy
YaqootRuby, Garnet; Gold; Pearl; CoralBoy
YaqutaGold, ruby, pearl and coral. Basically a term used for gem stones.Girl
ZahabiaGolden, or made of gold.Boy
Zar BibiZar means gold and Bibi means woman.Girl
Zar WareenThe woman who sprinkles goldGirl
ZarafshanSpreader of gold or one who spreads happiness.Girl
ZargulShining, brilliant or a golden flower.Girl
ZarinchinarThe golden poplar.Girl
ZarlashtaA beautiful, golden branchGirl
ZarminaA old Pashto name meaning lovely and precious goldGirl
ZarmishaA golden flower.Girl
ZartashGold carverBoy
ZartashaOne who is made up of golden stars.Girl
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