169 Baby Boy Names That Mean Grace

HarpritLove of God; Affection of God; Benevolence and Grace of GodBoy
HarpuneetPure Like God; Divine Grace of GodBoy
HarwantFull of God's Grace; God's Blessing; God's BenevolenceBoy
HemwantFull of God's Grace; God's Blessing; God's BenevolenceBoy
HishalGifted; Blessed; GracedBoy
HitenderCompassionate God; Kind and Generous God; Graceful LordBoy
HubbardGraceful; Bright or Shining IntellectBoy
IhanGod's graceBoy
IvicaGraced by YahwehBoy
JannisNordic name meaning God's graceBoy
JeanelleTrue grace is coming from God.Unisex
JenishGrace of God is with us.Boy
JerrickHebrew - City of Fragrance; Slavic - Strong; Fierce; Favor; GraceBoy
Joostthey are blessed with the things and grace of God. They love everlast and have understanding capability.Unisex
Juailthey are blessed with the things and grace of God. They love everlast and have understanding capability.Unisex
KarambirThe name means Brave with the Gods GraceBoy
KaramdeepLamp of God's Grace; Brilliance of God's wonder and graciousness;Boy
KaramjotLight of God's Grace; Brigtness and radiance of God's wonder and graciousnessBoy
KaramleenThe name means Absorbed in God's GraceBoy
KarampalThe Keeper of God's Grace; Companion and Fosterer of God's dignity and marvelBoy
KarampaulThe name means Protector of the Grace of GodBoy
KarampreetThe Lover of God's Grace; One who loves God's Nobility, miracle, dignity and graciousnessBoy
KarampremThe meaning of the name is Lover of God's GraceBoy
KaramroopThe name means Embodiment of God's GraceBoy
KaramwantThe meaning of the name is Full of the Grace of GodBoy
KaranbirThe name means Full with God's GraceBoy
KarandeepKarandeep means the Lamp of the GraceBoy
KileyKiley means Gracefulunisex
KripashankarOne who has blessing of Lord Shiva; Having mercy and grace of Lord ShankarBoy
LakshmiprasadGrace of Goddess Lakshmi; One who is considered a blessing of Goddess LakshmiBoy
LavnishLord of Beauty, Elegance and Grace; Handsome, Beautiful and AttractiveBoy
LavnyaBeauty; Grace; Elegance; Lustre; Appealing and attractive; A derivative from Lavanya which means beautyBoy
LeocharisLion's grace.Boy
MilenSlavic - Gracious; Favor; Grace; Fame; Glory; A variant of MilanBoy
MiloradA graceful joy or careBoy
MilosA person full of grace, dearest of allBoy
MinnatullahThe blessing or the grace from the AllahBoy
NallappaA graceful father or parentsBoy
NallappanFather who is very gracefulBoy
NallasivanThe graceful Lord ShivaBoy
NallathambiGraceful young brotherBoy
NansenThe son of Nan (grace)Boy
NarjesGrace of mankindBoy
NeshaunGod is graceful or elegant.Boy
Nivranshuthe part of grace of the moonBoy
OrloNomusa elegance and compassion, grace and empathyBoy
OsgoodHoly graceful, celestial nimble.Boy
ParsadGrace; Mercy; Blessing; BrightnessBoy
PrabhdayaOne for whom God is Merciful; One who recieves God's Grace; Kindness of GodBoy
PrabhkirpalGod's Grace; Mercy of God; Kindness and Benevolence of GodBoy
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