26 Baby Girl Names That Mean Grace And Starts With Letter N

Najmahthe most graceful starGirl
NaleighA graceful meadowGirl
NalinakshWho have the eyes as graceful as lotusGirl
NanGrace, elegant, poise, balancedGirl
NanceyThe person with graceGirl
NanciThe graceful person, elegantGirl
NancieA balanced person, gracefulGirl
NancyA divine person, full of graceGirl
NanettaA graceful queen or empressGirl
NanetteA ruler full of grace and charmGirl
NaninaA graceful person, a charming oneGirl
NanssyThe grace of GodGirl
NanuliDiminutive of Nana, meaning graceGirl
NardaUnlimited grace, recompense of worthy acts, remuneration.Girl
NateiraGraceful, generous, naturalGirl
NaztabShining grace. It's also an epithet applied by Firdousi to Mushknaz.Girl
NitaliA girl who is full of Grace, God is givingGirl
NizhoniA beautiful girl, full of graceGirl
NoggaPoised and graceful individualGirl
NorabelThe person who is graceful and moral.Girl
NoreenaThe person who is graceful and decency.Girl
NusaThe merciful lady or graceful woman.Girl
NuwairahTiny flower, little fire, graceful, glow.Girl
NyreeThe most praised person. The most graceful. of the Islamic Prophet.Girl
NysseSpell variant of Mohammad that means the graceful of all.Girl
NyuraGraceful, a girl who is graceful.Girl
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