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Selecting a name that reflects the personality traits parents desire for their children has always been very popular. And among all those traits, grace is one of the most desirable.

Grazie in German, grazia in Italian, gracia in Spanish, and grâce in French, grace doesn’t just have many variations, but also several meanings. It can mean mercy, charm, elegance, beauty, harmony, or divine love. Today, its simplest definition would be the experience of gratitude, awe, and love when you’re in perfect harmony with yourself and others. It’s the freedom that arises when you begin to realize the life is a gift you must value. Besides, grace also means being loved and protected by a divine force. But what many of you may not know is that in ancient Greek mythology there were Three Graces who symbolized charm, beauty, and elegance. This is the reason grace is used as an honorific title for a Duke, Archbishop, Duchess, as in your Grace.

If you want inspiration for baby names meaning grace, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve made a list of some of the most beautiful baby names, meaning grace suitable for your little one.

AsheshBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AshirvadBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AshisBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AshishBenediction; Blessing;God's Grace; Shower's of mercyBoy
AsyaA Hebrew word which means graceGirl
AtíliaThe height of grace.Boy
BaeglocA graceful, bright and articulative beingBoy
BikhtirOne who has a Graceful GaitGirl
BlissanyFull of Grace and JoyGirl
BreindelBlessing; Grace; FavourGirl
ChamaniThe one who walks gracefullyGirl
ChanaitA graceful personBoy
ChanakGraceful young manBoy
ChaniA graceful, beautiful girlGirl
CharesThe name is derived from Greek word chari, meaning grace, kindness.Boy
CharisA rare and graceful personGirl
CharishTreasure; graceful personGirl
CharlianneA strong, wonderful, graceful womanGirl
CheruGraceful; Kind; Elegant;Boy
ChezhiyanBlessed; GracedBoy
ChezianGraceful; Kind; Elegant;Boy
Chun Hei (천 헤이)Justice and graceGirl
CintugnatusA graceful, articulate and trusting individual; untiringBoy
ClemanceMercy; showing forgiveness; pity; graceGirl
CreasyGraceful; Pleasant; KindUnisex
CuthgilsA graceful individualBoy
DaiwikGrace; one who has extraordinary powerBoy
DayalroopEmbodiment of charity and graceBoy
DayanidhiA treasure house of grace and mercyBoy
DayaswarupA grace and merciful personBoy
DenniseA follower; graceful beingGirl
DipulA merciful and graceful personBoy
DravanFlow; Tenderness of Heart; Kindness; GracefulnessBoy
DristavyaGods 's graceBoy
DuyenA charming and graceful personGirl
EastmanGrace-protector; It also means nature lover.Boy
EfharisGood grace; they are innocence and charmGirl
EithneA seed; graceful; ardent ruler; A kernel or grainGirl
ElleOne who has aged gracefully like a beautiful fairyGirl
Eluthis name means someone who is full of grace.Unisex
Eluardthis means someone who is from a place located at a height and has grace.Boy
Elueuathis means someone who is mentioned in the old biblical testament with a lot of grace.Girl
Eluiuethis means a graceful person.Girl
Enasomeone who is passionate and graceful.Girl
Enayatgrace, kindness or blessing.Boy
Enelisegraced by god or bountiful.Girl
Enyeit means grace.Girl
EserovweGod's graceUnisex
Ethnait means graceful.Girl
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