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Selecting a name that reflects the personality traits parents desire for their children has always been very popular. And among all those traits, grace is one of the most desirable.

Grazie in German, grazia in Italian, gracia in Spanish, and grâce in French, grace doesn’t just have many variations, but also several meanings. It can mean mercy, charm, elegance, beauty, harmony, or divine love. Today, its simplest definition would be the experience of gratitude, awe, and love when you’re in perfect harmony with yourself and others. It’s the freedom that arises when you begin to realize the life is a gift you must value. Besides, grace also means being loved and protected by a divine force. But what many of you may not know is that in ancient Greek mythology there were Three Graces who symbolized charm, beauty, and elegance. This is the reason grace is used as an honorific title for a Duke, Archbishop, Duchess, as in your Grace.

If you want inspiration for baby names meaning grace, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve made a list of some of the most beautiful baby names, meaning grace suitable for your little one.

GurbakshBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of GuruBoy
GurbuxBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of Guru; A variant of GurbakshBoy
Gurcimanugraceful,respectful in nature,unsophisticated.Boy
GurdayaOne Blessed with the Guru's Grace; One who receives affection, compassion and kindness of spiritual teacherBoy
GurdittaOne Born with Guru's Blessing; One who is blessed with the Guru's mercy and graceGirl
GurjantGurjant collaborated with two words guru and jant. Guru means master or lord and jant means grace So gurjant means grace of guru.Boy
HaanaHebrew - Grace; Maori name family name; A variant of HannahGirl
Hae-Won (해원)Graceful and beautiful garden.Girl
HanameelThe innate grace in a woman, the gift of grace from God.Girl
HananiahGrace; Mercy; Gift of the LordGirl
HanikaA graceful woman, SwanGirl
HanitaDivine Grace; Heavenly Grace; Someone with gracefulness of GodGirl
HankaGrace or favorGirl
HannabelleGermanic - Favoured with grace and beautyGirl
HannahGrace, FavourGirl
HannaleaA graceful bringer of good newsGirl
HannaleeGracious, Favor; Grace, FavoredGirl
HanneGrace, charm, eleganceGirl
Hannekefavour, Grace (Hebrew &Latin), Apricot (Japanese), Grain (Sanskrit)Girl
HanneleA made up American name, meaning she is gracefulGirl
HanneloreCombination of HANNE which means God gives grace and ELEONORE which means God is my lightGirl
HanniGrace, beauty, Favor, kindness, goodwillGirl
HannibalGrace, beauty, lovelinessBoy
HarbakhshGifted through God's Grace; A blessing of God; A symbol of Lord Shiva's kindnessBoy
HardayalOne on whom there is God's Grace; One who receives God's Kindness and CompassionBoy
HardeetGiven by God; Gift of God; God's Grace; A blessing of GodBoy
HardialOne of whom there is god's graceBoy
HardyalOne on whom there is God's Grace; One who receives God's Kindness and CompassionBoy
HarisGrace, guardianBoy
HarkaramBestowed with God's Grace; Blessed with God's GraceBoy
HarkirpalBestowed with God's Grace; Blessed with God's GraceBoy
HarmeharGod'S Grace; Blessing or Favour of God; God's MercyGirl
HarpritLove of God; Affection of God; Benevolence and Grace of GodBoy
HarpuneetPure Like God; Divine Grace of GodBoy
HarwantFull of God's Grace; God's Blessing; God's BenevolenceBoy
HawlaOne who is graceful like an antelope.Girl
HeiGrace, beauty, charmGirl
Hei Ryung (헤이 령)Grace and brightnessGirl
Hei-Ran (헤이 란)Grace and orchid, a graceful orchid.Girl
HemwantFull of God's Grace; God's Blessing; God's BenevolenceBoy
HendaYiddish word meaning favor or grace.Girl
HildieGermanic - Comrade in arms; Battle; Graceful; Fair; Lovely; A variant form of the name HildaGirl
HildurGermanic - Comrade in arms; Battle; Graceful; Fair; Lovely; A variant form of the name HildaGirl
HishalGifted; Blessed; GracedBoy
HitenderCompassionate God; Kind and Generous God; Graceful LordBoy
HubbardGraceful; Bright or Shining IntellectBoy
HusnA beauty, graceGirl
IhanGod's graceBoy
IvicaGraced by YahwehBoy
JadagraceA combination of the names "Jada" which means beautiful green stone and "Grace" means good will.Girl
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