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When a baby is born, coming up with a suitable name for him can be quite a daunting task. You’d want a name that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also has weight and purpose. Most importantly, you want a name that reflects the greatness of his or her character. So how about picking a name meaning great?

We all admire great people, people who’ve shaped the world with their courage, and who have been an example to us all. They teach us that greatness is hidden within all of us. You just need to bring it out.

Greatness doesn’t mean that you have to do huge things to make the world notice you. It’s basically accepting how you are and transcending the doubts and limitations. It’s about being passionate about your goal because only passion can uncover the hidden greatness. Most importantly, it’s about being kind and compassionate to everyone because one cannot truly be great if they are unfair to others.

To help you narrow down the search, MomJunction has sourced beautiful baby names meaning great from various cultures, religions, and regions. Take a look!

AahlaadDelight; To have great pleasure; someone who gives joy and enjoymentBoy
AahvaBeloved; one who is greatly loved; Dear to heartBoy
AalaaThe one who has a great values or quality, highest in the worldGirl
Aaminthe one having A great grace of God, the one who is divineBoy
Aaokathe one shining brightly and having a great lustreGirl
AarifaOne endowed with great knowledge.Girl
Aarogya (आरोग्य)the one having great health or being healthyBoy
AarvGreat feel of peaceful and melodious musicBoy
AasieyahThis name gives you capability of organising, planning & carrying work for great successGirl
AbdouGreat ability to focus on each work; variant of name AbdoBoy
Abdul haseebA great servant of respected and honouredBoy
Abdul jabbaarActual meaning of Jabbaar is almighty or the king who had great powerBoy
Abdul kabirQuranic name means servant of the great one as al-Kabir is one of the names of Allah in Islam.Boy
Abdul mueezThis Arabic name means slave of admired with great respectBoy
Abdul raqibA great personality who helps the viewer or observerBoy
Abdul-AdheemServant of the greatest.Boy
AbdulazazA great servant of the impressive and powerful oneBoy
AbdulhayyA great personality who works for Allah or GodBoy
AbduljalilServes the most great and revered personalityBoy
AbdulkabirHelps to the most great one and unique oneBoy
AbdulsalaamA great personality who helps the peaceful and calm oneBoy
AbdulwaaliA great servant of the governor and inheritorBoy
AbdunnasirA great servant of the helper that means Allah or the LordBoy
Abdush shahidA great servant of the observer and spectatorBoy
AbeeraA great mixture of rose petals as well as sandal saffron in fragranceGirl
AbhajA person who is having a great wisdom of knowledge.Boy
AbhasaSplendour; Grandeur; Great BrightnessBoy
AbhigjnaOne who is possessing great knowledge.Girl
AbhinavaNew; Young; Fresh; Modern; A Sakta Notable for his great learningBoy
AbhirajaOne who is a great kingBoy
AbhirathGreat Charioteer; HandsomeBoy
AbhirathaHandsome, It also means Great Charioteer; A variant of AbhirathBoy
AbiyaA great or a splendid personGirl
AbraxThe great archon from mythologyBoy
AbraxasThe great chief magistrate or archons, a God from Egyptian mythologyBoy
Abu-ZarName of a great companion of the Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AbzarPowerful; Mighty; having great power and authorityBoy
ActaeonA great hunter from Greek mythologyBoy
AdetayoCrown has brought us great joy.Boy
AdhikGreater; Skillful Expert; More than One; Admirable Great PersonBoy
AdhikaThe more great or the greatestGirl
AdhikarajThe greatest rule or reign or powerBoy
AdhinathaThe Lord of the greatestBoy
AdhirajaThe greatest king or the greatest rulerBoy
AdhirathThe greatest charioteer; Lord KrishnaBoy
AdhirathaA great chariot warriorBoy
AdhusudanThe slaughter, greatest slayer of demonBoy
AfakhimThe greatest of allBoy
AfraimaThe one who is marked by great fruitfulness.Girl
AgambirA brave warrior who crosses every hurdle with great strength, compassion, patience and hard workBoy
AgampremOne who is devoted, loyal, strong willed, hard working, committed, dependable, trustworthy, reliable and greatly believes and worships God.Boy
AgasthyaThe star of Canopus which is the 'cleanser of waters'; One of many names of Lord Shiva; A name of great SageBoy
AgathaA common Greek name which means good. Many great novelists, saints and celebrities are named AgathaGirl
AghaA noble person who is honoured for his effieciency, intelligence and great positive leadership qualities.Boy
AgrasenaGreat warrior of armaBoy
AgungGrand or greatBoy
AgyenimThe great one from God.Boy
AhendraGreat Indra Hindu God INDRAGirl
AhteshamGlory, honor, greatnessBoy
AifeCeltic - Beauty; A great warrior woman of myth; It is variant of the name AoifeGirl
AiliyahA Great One and it Come Signify GodGirl
AiyahLove; Respect; to hold in Great Esteem and HonorBoy
AjradaAl-Ameeh, was a great worshipperGirl
AjradahAl-Ameeh, a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawnGirl
AjzalOf Great IntellectBoy
AkampanaUnshaken, Calm. One who is a master builder with ability for great accomplishmentBoy
AkampitaUnshaken, Calm with great achievement and completion abilityBoy
AkarshAttractive; As great as sky; all pervading; one who's charm cannot be avoidedBoy
AkarshakAttractive; As great as sky; all pervading; one who's charm cannot be avoidedBoy
AkbarThe greatestBoy
AkrashAttractive; As great as sky; all pervading; one who's charm cannot be avoidedBoy
AkshanaGreat RitualBoy
AlaaGreatness, supremacy, highnessBoy
AlaskaGreat land; object towards which sea is directedUnisex
AlayshaGreat happiness; one who of noble kindGirl
AlazanderTo defend or to help; a great personBoy
AlberichThe king of the dwarf; an Elf who has great powerBoy
AlianHigh; Supreme; Great; One who climbs upwardsBoy
AlibabaGreat Leader, Respectful leaderBoy
AlisahGreat Happiness, Huge delightGirl
AliyyThe Highest, GreatestBoy
AlkabirThe Great, Huge, GrandBoy
AllegroBrisk, sprightly; has a great sense of humourGirl
AllissaDerived from the Alyssum flower. Allissa a(l)-lissa, all(is)-sa is a variant of Alice (Old German), Alisa (Hebrew), Alyssa (Greek) and Elissa (Greek), and the meaning of Allissa is "noble, exalted; great happiness; rational; from the blessed isles".Girl
Allysanoble, exalted, great happinessGirl
AluerA cavalier gifted with love and lively optimism with great verbal skills and engaging in daring endeavorsBoy
AlvakaA fun-loving happy person having great conversational skills and expressive natureGirl
AlviuaGreat communicational skills accompanied with an an active and quick mind makes you expressiveGirl
AlyA great noble and exalted one having magnificent personalityGirl
AlyaHeavenly body filled with divinity who is sublime, great and beautiful in all aspectsGirl
AlykhanA lovely spirit from heaven who is extremely handsome and greatUnisex
AlyssaMother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanityGirl
AmaarImmortality; the one who prays 5 times and fasts a great deal leading a very prosperous long lifeBoy
AmanjitThe one who attains tranquility and has a great association with peopleBoy
AmekaA down-to-earth person and through him god does great deedsUnisex
AmidThey have intense emotional desires and provide general support like a great manBoy
AmjadArabic - Greater Glory; Noble; Most Excellent; More Illustrious; Skillful; ExpertBoy
AmmariaBorn with great sense of responsibility and care for your familyGirl
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