709 Baby Boy Names That Mean Great

DeenadayalanGreat Philanthropist; Humanitarian; Good Hearted Person;Boy
DemetriGreat one; a GoddessBoy
DenisonSon of Dennis; have great powerBoy
DharmaratnaOne whose greatness is because of being righteous; Great Principled ManBoy
DhrumilA great and majestic King; fortunateBoy
DhrushyaOne with great eyes; a fantastic beingBoy
DhruvikaA great and talented individualBoy
DiarmuidA great warrior who are without envyBoy
DiptakOne who destroys evil; great personBoy
DivleenA divine person; God is greatBoy
DivyatmaA superior person; they have a great personalityBoy
DonDark Brown; a mighty and great chiefBoy
DonaldA great chief who rules the worldBoy
DonnelGreat Chief; one who is mighty and strongBoy
DonnellA detailed person; a great chiefBoy
DonnellyThey have great valour and are born chiefBoy
DorrelThey are stranger and have a great sense of humourBoy
DraupadaGreat kingBoy
DronTeacher of great warrior; A serious minded and matured person.Boy
DrupadhThe great king.Boy
DurvishahaA great teacherBoy
DuryodhanaA very great warrior; difficult to fight withBoy
DyumnikOne who has a great mightBoy
EadmaerThe one who comes from riches and greatnessBoy
EanredOne with a great spiritual insightBoy
EbubechukwuThe glory and greatness of God.Boy
EdburgaThe great, guardian protectorBoy
EdwaryaGreat and truthful person; one who can enjoy lifeBoy
EidoIlluminating way; one who can do great thingsBoy
EilifAn immortal person who is born to do great thingsBoy
EinbreselOne who works for greater goodBoy
EirikurA man of great strength.Boy
EkodarBrother; An elderly person who is held with great regard and honourBoy
EkoramRegard; Honour; One who is held with great respectBoy
EkramRegard; Honour; One who is held with great respect; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
EkramaRegard; Honour; One who is held with great respect; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
ElavendhanHonourable Person in the World; One who is held with great respect and regardBoy
EloloGod is greatBoy
ElphynA hardworking fellow who works for greater goodBoy
Emekain Igbo this name means great deeds or god has done a lot.Boy
Emenjartthis means someone who has great strength.Boy
Emestit has meanings like serious, being determined or a feeling of earnest or great vigour.Boy
Emmetesomeone who has great strength and is hugely powerful.Boy
Enniaunthe family name of a great writer during ancient Roman civilization.Boy
Entrikena family name of a famous ancient dynasty from Great Britain.Boy
EnzokuhleExpected to do great things, Do goodUnisex
Ethelmarnoble greatness.Boy
FaakhirHe is a great personBoy
FaarisA cavalier who is a great horsmanBoy
FadyHe is a great savior of menBoy
FaheelA man of great intelligence and knowledgeBoy
FahmOne who posesses a great intellectBoy
FaisiOne who is greatly abundantBoy
FakhruddaulahA greatness of GodBoy
FalahOne who has great successBoy
FalihOne with great successUnisex
FarhadA feeling of great happinessBoy
FarhalA man of great prosperityBoy
FarhatA great feeling of joyBoy
FarnazOne who is from hgh status and greatBoy
FarzanA man with great experience and intelligenceBoy
FatmirA Boy of great luckBoy
FawzyA victory, a great triumphBoy
FayyadhA man of great generosityBoy
FearghusTo have great man-strenghtBoy
FikhamGreat; Illustrious; Bright; LuminousBoy
FillipA person who greatly loves horsesBoy
Fintan"white-fire" or "white-bull"; deemed to be the only suvivor of Great FloodBoy
Fionntan"White-inferno" or "white-bull"; legendarily, the sole suvivor of Great FloodBoy
Fiontan"White-fire" or "white-bull"; only one to endure the Great FloodBoy
FolcaHas great nature; a good looking person; folkBoy
FradoFirst; One who has won great HonorsBoy
GabrieleGod has given me great power.Boy
GalaxyThe great structure of the stars.Unisex
GalibArabic - Conqueror; Name of a Great Poet; A derivative of name GhalibBoy
GarautOne of a great surnames.Boy
GargeyaA descendant of Garga; From the family of great saint GargaBoy
GatsangatOne who has a great company or companionBoy
GaukrogerGreat and at the same time awkward.Boy
GeffronOne who is spiritually calm and has great power.Boy
GenghisA variant of Chenghiz. It means greatest and wise.Boy
GhaylanA huge, big and great personBoy
GhitammA great vast oceanBoy
GirivaraGreat Mountain; Highest or Excellent among mountain; Name of Lord Krishna given for lifting mountainBoy
GoddardThe name is composition of two word. God which is used here to be meant as good and hard which meand strong and brave. As a whole Goddard means a good or greate brave person.Boy
Godefridusa person who is living under the protection of the Great God.Boy
GoduineThese are lively, expressive and having great verbal habits. They will keep the other ones happy with light chit chat.Boy
GorlanGorlan sorted out the qualities. They are to a great degree true and legitimate.Boy
GoroEnlightened Son, Goro is especially enthusiastic and amiable, outgoing and to a great degree informative.Boy
GraentGraent is the varient of name grant which means a great person. The name is normally used as surname.Boy
GrahaemA variant spelling of name Graham which means "From the great Meadow; Farm House" in Old EnglishBoy
GrantTall; Great; Derived from the Anglo-Norman Graund, Graunt meaning TallBoy
GranthikAstrologer; Narrator; Great Calculator; One who can calculate and predict planetary positions wellBoy
GrecoThey are very clever,deep mind and sensitive.They are very kind and great to others.Boy
GreiprA man of great strength.Boy
GrifletBringing the great megical sword of king bake to the lake, river or any waterplace. In simple words this name means a person with a great rank.Boy
GrifudHigh Energy. Person who is always active and ready to do anything with great energy and power.Boy
GrifudiHigh Energy. Person who is always active and ready to do anything with great energy and power.Boy
GrimbaudLively and Imaginative person who lives life with a great optimisim. A person who loves his life.Boy
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