78 Baby Girl Names That Mean Green

AneezaThey are the one who are happy and green valleyGirl
AokiAn evergreen blue treeUnisex
AokoAn evergreen blue tree; one who is outsideGirl
AquanettaThe one who has blue-green colorGirl
ArdenaCeltic - Lofty; Eager; Latin - Warm; Green Forest; A variant of ArdenGirl
ArieyThey have long and green field; clever mindedGirl
BerrieNoble and Shining; Pale Green GemstoneGirl
BerryCeltic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune; Noble and Bright; Pale Green Gemstone; A variant of name BarrieGirl
BerylGreen JewelGirl
BiA Chinesee name meaning Green JadeGirl
BibeGreenlandic form of Phoebe, meaning bright.Girl
BindaAustralian Aboriginal - Green Place; Deep WaterGirl
BlerinaFresh greennessGirl
BlerteAlbanian name which means greenGirl
BolattaGreenlandic form of Bolette, meaning battle remedy.Girl
ChalchihuitlcueShe of the robe of green jewelsGirl
CharelleName of a green gemstone; Cherry fruitGirl
CharylA green gemstoneGirl
CherlynGreen gemstoneGirl
CherrillA green gemstone; CherryGirl
ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
ChlorindaGreenery; vegetation; growing plants or shrubsGirl
CloeA green shoot; a sign of growing or developingGirl
CloraFresh and green; healthy and green; goddess of flowersGirl
ClorindaIn Greek, the meaning of this name is greenery; or a place filled with vegetation and plantsGirl
CyanGreenish blue in colorGirl
EelisiGreenlandic spelling of Êlise, which means pledged to God.Girl
FernA green, shade loving plant. A fern.Unisex
FilisGreen verdure, lush greeneryGirl
FillysGreen verdure, leafy branchGirl
HaritaGreen; A feminine equivalent of HariGirl
HarithaGreen; A feminine equivalent of HariGirl
HolieTaken from the name of the holly tree, an evergreen whose stiff, glossy,Girl
HollyanneAn evergreen Holly TreeGirl
IluunaGreenlandic variant form of Iluna, meaning moon.Girl
JadagraceA combination of the names "Jada" which means beautiful green stone and "Grace" means good will.Girl
JadeHebrew - Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name JadonUnisex
JadieA form of the name Jade, which means green gemstone;Girl
JadyA jade of a gemstone, the beautiful green colorGirl
JaideOne who is like a green gemstoneUnisex
JakkubiinaGreenlandic form of Jakobina. It means supplanter.Girl
JatseGreenlandic variant form of Jette. It means state ruler.Girl
JaydaA form of jade, resembling the green gemstoneGirl
JaydePrecious green stoneGirl
JenileeBlend of Jenny(God is merciful) and Lee (green field).Girl
JodellCombination of Joanne and Delbert,climbing evergreen ornamental plant.Girl
JuniperJuniper is an English name and represents a small, evergreen shrub bearing berriesGirl
KhadraKhadra means Green. Green of the JennahGirl
KhloeKhloe means GreeneryGirl
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