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Each one of us has felt the need of a guru in our lives at some point or the other. We’re not capable of doing everything on own. We need someone more knowledgeable and intelligent to make our lives happier, enlightened, and more comfortable.

Literally speaking, guru means a guide, teacher, expert, or master of a certain field or knowledge. But Guru isn’t just physical form. It’s a tatva, an element of quality inside you, an energy, a medium through which knowledge or gyana flows to the disciple. Guru is the mirror who will clearly show you your true self and will help you elevate, but only if you are willing to rise. In fact, a guru literally carries his pupil on the journey of evolution. And he doesn’t do this to get anything in return. He just wants us to become better human beings.

The best way to teach your child the importance of guru is by giving him a name meaning the same. To help you narrow down the search, MomJunction has sorted a list of baby names meaning guru. Apart from names meaning guru, we’ve also added the names of renowned gurus of all time. Take a look.

AcaryaGuru; Teacher; Another Name for Drona; Learned and skilled to trainBoy
BaneeGuru'S WordGirl
BarhaspatiLord of Prayer or Devotion; Guru of the Gods; The Sun; The planet - JupiterBoy
BrihaspathiTeacher of Devas; Guru of the God's; The SunBoy
CharanjeetWinning the Service of Guru's Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God's FeetUnisex
CharankawalFeet of a guru; like LotusBoy
DesakaOne who Directs; Ruler; Guide; Guru; Spiritual LeaderBoy
DeshakOne who Directs; Guide; Spiritual Leader; GuruBoy
DeshikGuru; Spirutual Leader; One who guides us in divine pathBoy
DevaguruPreceptor of the Gods; Guru of the Deva'sBoy
DikshantOne who is a gift of guru; educated beingBoy
EekalabyaA Pupil , Student of Guru Dronnachaarya; A variant name of EekalavyaBoy
EkalavyaOne who is well known for his Devotion to his Guru; A character name in Epic Mahabharat; Pupil of DronacharyaBoy
EkarishiOne Rishi; One Saint; One Guru; One Spiritual guideBoy
EklavyaOne who is well known for his Devotion to his Guru; A character name in Epic Mahabharat; Pupil of DronacharyaBoy
GatsharanLiberated by Taking Shelter of Guru; Ornament; PearlGirl
GorakshanathGorakshanath was the name of hindu Guru, founder of Nath Hindu Monastic movement.Boy
GowerA person who is pure, wise and holly as Reflections on Guru's Words in the literature of SikhBoy
GuninderLord or GuruBoy
GunkiritThe One Who Sing Praises of the GuruGirl
Gunvinderlord or Guru of india generally called gunvinder,The planet Saturn belongs to Gunvinder.Unisex
Guramanpeace though the guru,illusions and dellutions and a non defensive dreamer.girl
Guramarimmortable by the grace of the guru,same as lonlinessBoy
GuramritGuru ka amrit; Immortal nectar of GuruBoy
GurbachanPromise of the Guru; Promise of the Teacher; Word of the teacherBoy
GurbachanaPromise of the Guru; Promise of the Teacher; Word of the teacherBoy
GurbajA hawk of guru,astrologically aspects.Boy
GurbakhshBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of GuruBoy
GurbakshBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of GuruBoy
GurbaldevHad strength in their life and successful by guru.Boy
Gurbaliharsacrifice life,talented,unto guru,physically successful.Boy
GurbansOne Born from Guru; A blessing of GuruBoy
GurbaxGift of Guru; Blessing of Guru;Girl
Gurbhaagblessed of guru,the cooperative in religion.Boy
Gurbhagathad different merits,devotee of guru.Boy
Gurbhajansong of the religion,the special songs of guru of the one religion.Boy
Gurbhavanthe houses of the religious guru,An special house,Cave.Boy
GurbirWarrior of Guru; Defender of Guru; One who protects and fights for GuruGirl
Gurbodhintelligent,Having knowledge of guru's word.Boy
GurbuxBlessed with Guru's Grace; Gift of Guru; A variant of GurbakshBoy
Gurchaananshelter in guru's feet,Feet of the guru.Boy
GurchandanThe perfumic smell,The religious leader franance the guru.Boy
GurchandipPromise of the Guru; Promise of the Teacher; Word of the teacherBoy
GurcharanRefuge at the Guru; Feet of the Guru; One who serves at the Guru's FeetBoy
Gurcharanjotlight of the feet of guru,the Hinduism leader feet.Boy
GurcharanpalPreserver of Guru's Feet; One who serves at the Guru's FeetBoy
GurchetOne who remains aware of Guru's Word; One who follows the principles of teachings of Guru;Unisex
GurdaatThe Sikh religious leader's gift,the gift of guru to his peopleBoy
Gurdarshanthe vision of the religious leader,The guru.Boy
GurdasOne who is at the service of the Guru; Servant of the GuruBoy
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