23 Baby Girl Names That Mean Guru

BaneeGuru'S WordGirl
CharanjeetWinning the Service of Guru's Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God's FeetUnisex
GatsharanLiberated by Taking Shelter of Guru; Ornament; PearlGirl
GunkiritThe One Who Sing Praises of the GuruGirl
Gunvinderlord or Guru of india generally called gunvinder,The planet Saturn belongs to Gunvinder.Unisex
Guramanpeace though the guru,illusions and dellutions and a non defensive dreamer.girl
GurbaxGift of Guru; Blessing of Guru;Girl
GurbirWarrior of Guru; Defender of Guru; One who protects and fights for GuruGirl
GurchetOne who remains aware of Guru's Word; One who follows the principles of teachings of Guru;Unisex
GurdeepLight of the Teacher; Brightness and Radiance of GuruUnisex
GurdittaOne Born with Guru's Blessing; One who is blessed with the Guru's mercy and graceGirl
GurjeetOne Winning the Guru's Heart; One who pleases Guru's; One who is victorious in winning love of GuruGirl
GurkiranThe Ray of Guru's Light; Radiance and brightness of GuruGirl
GurleenGurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guruUnisex
GurnekNoble Servant of Guru; One who serves the GuruGirl
GurpreetGurpreet collaborated with two words guru and preet. Guru means master or lord and preet means love. So gurupreet means the love of lord or masterGirl
GursheelGursheel collaborated with two words guru and sheel. Guru means master or lord and sheel means modesty. So gursheel means the modesty given by lord.Girl
GursimrahThey are very religious and obidient to their Guru.They are very soft and kind hearted but strict about their religionGirl
GursukhOne who is Blissful Through Guru; One who attains happiness through GuruGirl
GurtaranThe Loved One of the Guru or God; Saved by Guru; One who is blessed with Guru's love and affectionGirl
NanakName of the first Sikh GuruGirl
NanakiGuru nanak's sister's nameGirl
SharanjeetA woman who attains the shelter of a GuruGirl
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