51 Baby Names That Mean Helpful

Coming up with a beautiful and fitting name for your child can be a pretty daunting task, especially for parents who are novice at it. Most parents want a name that’s modern, unique, pleasing to the ears, and reflects a strong character. And for this very reason, names with a special meaning behind them are perfect. Meaningful baby names that stand for something great and exemplary never go out of style. And they feed the conscience of the child too. One of the most beautiful meanings you can consider for your child’s name is helpful.

Initially, young kids help only those they’re familiar with. As children grow older, they learn that they should help even those they don’t know well. While some kids continue this behavior, many don’t, primarily because their helpfulness is no longer appreciated. If you really want your kid to grow into being someone who helps others, give him the name that means the same. It will forever remind him to be kind and helpful to everyone, irrespective of case, creed, and religion. Below MomJunction has jotted some of the unique and beautiful baby names meaning helpful, which you can refer. So peep on!

Aaidaaaida has many meaning in different languages, like in french it means the one who is helpful, in hebrew it means Ornament or brightnessGirl
Abdul ghaniA devoted and helpful follower who is sufficient to every thingBoy
AffoyonClean, helpful and nonchalant person; welcomeBoy
AfrozeRefers to educational or helpful.Boy
AideHonourable, Nobel, helpfulGirl
AitamahShe who is helpful.Girl
AkroorKind, Mild, Gentle, Clement, Considerate, Helpful, Humane, BenevolentBoy
AmadisA lover of God who are zealous, elegant and helpfulUnisex
AmenahZealous, logical and helpful people who are honest and trustworthyGirl
AragamA helpful and loyal beingBoy
ArmaanDesire, wish; has a generous and helpful natureBoy
AtaubaqA handsome and a helpful personBoy
AytamaShe who is helpfulGirl
BergliotHelpful lightGirl
ChadronA witty, helpful and a warriorBoy
ChroferusA self satisfied, interesting and helpful naturedBoy
ClaesDerived from the name Nicholas; one who was a helpful bishop from the 14th century; another term for "victory of the people"Boy
CodeeOne who is very helpful and helps others in needGirl
CodeyA helpful person; one who helps others in needBoy
CodyOne who helps others in need; helpful; also means cushion in AmericanBoy
CotyHelpful; Shield; Protective individualUnisex
DumanSmoky; one who is very supportive and helpfulBoy
EalhheardA helpful, honest and authentic beingBoy
EliisabetOne who takes God as Oath; helpful personGirl
ElisabelleOne who takes God as Oath; helpfulGirl
ElisabettaGod is bountiful and helpfulGirl
EzrahA helpful personBoy
FuiA generous and helpful personBoy
GaerwulfOne who is easy going and helpful by natureBoy
GalagarsA helpful person who is gloriousBoy
GubanGuban will be thoughtful, attractive, successful, smart and helpful.Boy
HamrishLovable; Helpful; Affectionate; Compassionate; KindBoy
Hansuke (はんすけ)A very helpful friendBoy
HelpA helpful personBoy
HrothmaerAn able, helpful, tactful and obedient beingBoy
HyousukeJapanese - Helpful soldier; A soldier who is very helpful; A derivative of Hyousuke is the English HyosukeBoy
JibeshAn original, ambitious and has a helpful natureBoy
JoshilynName means God is HelpfulGirl
KodiKodi means Helpful, BeneficialBoy
LutfanaA womanwho is kind and always helpfulGirl
OrphelinA Serpent who is helpfulGirl
PushkaA gun or a cannon; One who is a barrel of a rifled gun; helpfulBoy
QabsatA desirable and understanding person; helpfulBoy
SaadaA helpful personGirl
SayeshanA considerate, talented and helpful humanBoy
ScirheahA helpful, honest, rebellious and satisfied individualBoy
SocorroA helpful person. One who will helpGirl
TudwrigA very generous individual; helpfulBoy
UzairArabic - Helpful; The name Uzayr is a variant of UzairBoy
WhinaHelper, a helpful and kind girl.Girl
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