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You may not be aware of the Goldilocks baby naming dilemma, but it’s a real thing! You are most likely to experience this when you are selecting a baby name for your little prince. Parents are very finicky when it comes to zeroing in on a name for their bundle of joy. They don’t want an overused or a very out there name. It should be just right. And of course, it should go with the last name and must have a lovely meaning too. Considering hero baby names?

Heroes, defined by the ultimate representation of powers or super powers they possess, symbolize nobility, morality, brevity and courage. Found in stories, tales, and mythology, these people display selflessness and courage when faced adversity and danger, especially during wars, fights and battles. Their heroic acts inspire us to be better and show strength and courage in times of difficulties. This is the primary reason people opt for heroic name or names meaning ‘hero’ for their children.

So if you also want to give a heroic name for your little, have a look at our list below. You’ll find a wide range of name meaning hero popular over the years from different cultures, regions, and religions.

AardburzinThe name is the shortened form of Adarburzinmeher and means fire of exaltation. It's also name of son of hero Framroz.Boy
AbhiveerOne who Commands; One who is Surrounded by Heroes or warriorsBoy
AbhiviraSurrounded by Heroes; A Commander; Respectful warriorBoy
AbtalA brave person, or a heroBoy
AchillesThe body of grief, Mythological hero from Trojan warBoy
AdolfinaGerman - Noble Wolf; Noble HeroGirl
AeneasPraise or a praiseworthy, a hero from Trojan warBoy
AkillesA form of Achilles meaning hero of the GreeksBoy
AkinYoruban - Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew - ManBoy
Akio (秋尾)Bright Man, Manly, HeroBoy
AlihIdol, icon, heroBoy
AlpA brave hero known for his valour and sacrifice is a demanding name to take.Boy
AmaradhevanA hero sent from heavenBoy
AmaranayaganA hero sent from heavenBoy
AmarthevanA hero sent from heaven who is an ultimate warriorBoy
AmarveerA hero sent from heaven who is an ultimate warriorBoy
AntarahThey a born hero who are strongBoy
ArabelThe one who prays and is an Eagle heroineGirl
ArdavirafThe holy resplendent hero. Also the name of a Zoroastrian religious text of Sassanid era in Middle Persian language.Boy
ArelyThe light or vision of God; Lion of God; HeroGirl
ArshamaA man with the might of a hero.Boy
AryoName of the Iranian hero who fought against Alexander the Great.Boy
AsfandAsfand is the Pasto version of Esfandiyār. It means a king or a brave heroBoy
AtalHero; Leader; GuideBoy
BaadurGeorgian form of Bahadur, meaning hero, warrior or braveBoy
BahaadurA brave hero or a warriorBoy
BakavataWith a quality of Heros; Very Attentive; Watchful; One who is vigilant or closely observantBoy
BarbodHero, GuitorBoy
BataarHero, a heroic figure.Boy
BatalBrave; Hero; ChampionBoy
BaudricBrave Ruler, heroic monarchBoy
BihjanA person who is a heroBoy
BijannHe who is considered a hero, a legend among menBoy
BijonPersian - Ancient Hero; A vairant of name BijanBoy
BleddynWolf HeroBoy
BoadiceaA Queen of the Iceni Victory; Name of a Heroic Queen of Early BritainGirl
BoopathiKing of Earth; The Hero of Stunts; Lord of the World; Supreme BeingBoy
BotildaOld Norse - A commanding Heroine; Battle for HelpGirl
BrihadrathaA name of a powerful heroBoy
CassanderThe brothers of heroesBoy
CasworonAn old Cornish name meaning battle hero.Boy
CitlalminaGreatest of all the female heroes.Girl
ClotildaOne who is famous for her war skills; known as heroine for her war tacticsGirl
ConHeroic and wise; one who has lots of wisdomBoy
ConlanHero; one who is courageous and is admired by everyoneBoy
ConleyHero; strongwilled, wise and idiolozed by allBoy
ConnieHero; a courageous person, who is respected and admired by allUnisex
ConnleyHero; the idol of men, who is courageous and boldBoy
ConnyA hero; one who is brave, courageous and is admired by menBoy
CorentynThe Cornish form of the name Corentin, meaning hero.Boy
CuchulainnA warrior heroBoy
CurraSpear; HeroBoy
CurrieA dagger; HeroBoy
CymbreA famous warrior; war heroineGirl
CynwrigA born heroBoy
Da XiaBiggest heroGirl
DalvirA heroBoy
DanasurA Hero Among the Donors; A generous and Kind person well known for his good deedsBoy
DanaviraA hero among common peopleBoy
DayaveerHeroically Compassionate; A warrior in being Kind and generousBoy
DayawantA hero; God of mercyBoy
DesdemonaMisery or unlucky. Name of Shakespeare's heroine.Girl
DevasurA Divine Hero; Warrior of God;Boy
DhrishitCourageous; Fearless; Heroic; Brave; Powerful; MightyBoy
DiversA hero from the heaven; plays for the teamBoy
DooleyHero with dark skin; a dark haired personBoy
DoriaA Legendary Greek Hero; they are braveGirl
DorianCame from the district of Greece; a war heroBoy
DorienName of the legendary hero of GreeceBoy
DuerHero; they are very mature and confidentBoy
DurandA strong, heroic sonBoy
DurbailA Heroic Son; Valiant; Brave; Gallant; LaudableBoy
DurkhanaiGem. It's also the name of the heroine of famous folk tale, Adam Khan aw DurkhanaiGirl
EcgtheowPeace; quiet; harmony; a heroic nameUnisex
ElysiumThe place where heroes in Greek mythology go when they die.Boy
ErvarBefitting a Hero; One who is heroic;Boy
FadiyahA heroic and gallant womanGirl
FarolA heroic and a superior manBoy
FerhatWinner; Smart; Male HeroBoy
FinlayA fair and heroic warriorBoy
FitelaMythologically, both, the son, as well as the nephew of Sigemund, a Norse HeroBoy
FlokiA heroic Viking.Boy
GabrieliA form of Gabriele, meaning God is my heroGirl
GabriellHeroine of GodUnisex
GanbaatarSteel heroBoy
GhaziA heroic person, a heroBoy
GopinathanGopinathan is the name of Lord Karishna. Lord Karishna was the hero of Gopi's (beautiful girls), so he was known as GopinathanBoy
GordafridA person created as a hero. It's the name of the Iranian heroine who fought against Sohrab.Girl
GoronThe name derives from the Celtic word kawaro and means hero.Boy
Gul Makai"Gul Makai is the name of the heroine of the famous folk tale ""Musa Khan aw Gul Makai"""Girl
HalbartBrilliant HeroBoy
HalbertShining jewel, Dazzling heroBoy
HalebeorhtBright HeroBoy
HalfridaA peaceful heroineGirl
HalleHalle is Heroine; A variant is Halli; It is derived from Hallr which means rockGirl
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