266 Baby Girl Names That Mean High

NeithStanding high above others.Girl
NeriahThe shining light of the most high God.Girl
NikhitHigh-pitched, piercing, harsh, severe.Girl
NimatuallahWho is like unto the most high Yahweh.Girl
NimmiaThe precious talent from the most high place.Girl
NinaThe precious talent from the most high God.Girl
NirmeetEnergetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.Girl
NjoodHighland or the plateausGirl
NooraliWho can stand equal to the most high God.Girl
NoshabaEnergetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.Girl
NuenAn individual who has high standardsGirl
NujanThe highest stage of development.Girl
NujoodA person promoted to the higher rankGirl
NujudPromotion or high class or clearness.Girl
OceaneCharm of the God. A person with a high intellectual skills.Girl
OledaThe special skill for the most high almighty God.Girl
OlufunkeThe one who was gifted from high most place to be loved.Girl
OntibileThe one who is sheltered by most high God.Girl
OsannaPraise be to God or Praise to the most high God.Girl
OtheliaPerson who is born with high morals and willpowerGirl
PanchaliOne with five husbands; Wife of Pandavas; Another name of Draupadi; High Born WomanGirl
ParamgeetThe Highest Song Of Bliss; Most divine song; Spiritualy superior songGirl
ParamjogOne uniting with the highest; One who is connected with the most ultimate and superior most LordGirl
ParamjotThe Highest Light, God'S Light; Ultimate Divine BrightnessGirl
ParamleenAbsorbed In The Highest, God; One who is engrossed in the ultimate godGirl
ParamsimranOne who is the highest worship pointGirl
PatiaA honourable and highest individualGirl
PatriseA highly intuitive and intelligent beingGirl
PeattaOne who maori roots; highly inspirationalGirl
PrashanthiOne who has reached the highest form of peaceGirl
RabwaA highland or a small hillGirl
RabwahHighland or hilly area.Girl
RaffiaA variant of Rafia and Rafiah which means exquisite; brilliance; high and sublimeGirl
RafiaOne who is positioned highGirl
RawhiyahA highly spiritual personGirl
RiffatOne who has high status in society, a holder of superior rankUnisex
RoyalA high-born man, of royal bloodUnisex
SahalieThe sky, or the high heavenGirl
SamaA woman of high status, a sublime womanGirl
SamawahThe one who has the highness of status and rankUnisex
SamiOne who is sublime or in a high positionUnisex
SamijaElevated, highGirl
SamiyaA sublime, high personGirl
SamyaOverhead status, high in rank, placed at a high rank or powerful levelGirl
SanchaliHighly mobiledGirl
SansitaA high praiseGirl
SherrifahOne who is high in status and rankGirl
ShooshmeA high spirited, opportunist, legal and hopeful beingGirl
ShreemaA woman who is highly spiritualGirl
SiellaShe who is high as a mountainGirl
SomaiehOne who is high above othersGirl
SterlingOne who is highly valuedUnisex
SumayaSHe who is high aboveGirl
SumeyyeShe who is high above othersGirl
TaheriaShowing high moral standardGirl
TanseemWater that falls from a high placeGirl
TarynnHigh hillGirl
TonaOne who is highly praised and pricelessGirl
TonckaBeyond praise or highly praiseworthyGirl
TracyFrom the Irish word 'treasach', meaning fighter, higher, more powerful or superiorGirl
TrisaA noble girl. From high familyGirl
TungabhadraA highly auspicious or blessed, Name of an Indian riverGirl
UrjaOne with high levels of energyGirl
YusriaHighly Prosperous; Fortunate; Lucky; Well destinedGirl
ZenithFrom the highest point; The Very Top; Highest point on the celestial sphereUnisex
ZionHighest pointUnisex
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