218 Baby Names That Mean Honour

A name is a gift, so powerful, so meaningful, and so personal that only parents select it with a lot of love. But it isn’t an easy task for them, since they have to balance their opinions with their family's and friends' ideas. But if you can zero in on a particular meaning of a name, things can get a bit easier for you. If you go by our suggestion, baby names meaning honor can be an attractive option.

Honor is the core principle on which success is established. It is the accumulation of all the successful endeavors and positive undertakings. Honor isn’t measured with rewards, or medals. It’s measured with personal integrity. It is something that must be achieved and is established by building the character and is further perfected with trials, mistakes, and problems.

Baby names meaning honor weave in fairness and integrity, qualities which are rarely seen these days. They even suggest the nobler aspects of human behavior in times of battles, conflicts, and wars. So take a look at MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names meaning honor. The names will set a high standard for anyone carrying it, but it’s definitely a goal worth setting.

Aabharana (आभरणा)aabharna signifies valuables, jewels, ornaments, it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity, happiness and honourGirl
Abdul haseebA great servant of respected and honouredBoy
Abdul majeedAs al-Majeed is one of Allah's name which means servant of honourable and graciousBoy
Abdul muizzA servant of honourer, respected and dignifiedBoy
Abdul rasheedFollower who supports honourable trainer or coachBoy
AbdulbarrSlave to righteous or honourable or good oneBoy
AbdulrafiSlave of the most glorify or honourable peopleBoy
AbdurrashidServes the one who is honourable teacherBoy
AbruAn honour or the dignity of a personGirl
AdaleighOne who is honourable and full of moralsGirl
AdalyIn German it means honourable. In Hebrew it means ornamental shineGirl
AddaleyAn honourable noble personBoy
AddallaA kind and noble honourable personGirl
AdelajdaAn honourable and noble personGirl
AdeldredaA kind of noble and honourableGirl
AdelgundAn honourable warriorBoy
AdeliciaAn honourable one, a noble oneGirl
AdelinAn honourable of a noble kindGirl
AdelioAn honourable and kind personBoy
AdelisAn honourable aristocratBoy
AdelricA noble and honourable commanderBoy
AdeniyiThe value or honour of a crownBoy
AdhyanshOne who is respected or honouredBoy
AdoffA noble or honourable wolfBoy
AdolphA kind and honourable wolfBoy
AdolphineAn honourable and noble wolfGirl
AdoniramMy Lord is of high esteem and honourBoy
AdstanA noble stone, honourable stoneBoy
AdulfThe wolf who is noble and honourableBoy
AedwulfA noble and honourable wolfBoy
AgathiOne who is good, kind, pure, sensitive, noble, generous and honourable.Girl
AggaA smaller shorter version of the name Agatha which means good, kind and honourable.Girl
AghaA noble person who is honoured for his effieciency, intelligence and great positive leadership qualities.Boy
AideHonourable, Nobel, helpfulGirl
AizazHonour, esteem, regardBoy
AlashrafThe most honourable personBoy
AlviniaA dearly loved white individual having gregarious personality, versatile nature and Code of HonourGirl
AlydaOld fashioned one; a small winged creature who is honourableGirl
AlyoshaA noble defender of mankind, they are eccentric and honourable having split personalityUnisex
AlysanAn extremely popular and honourable name, they are noble, kind and exalted oneGirl
AlyssThe noble and honourable kind who strives for independence and can be relied uponGirl
AlyxiaAn honourable defender who is flowing with passionGirl
AnanyeThe Most Honourable; Utmost Respect; Great EsteemBoy
AnchitaA girl who is worshipped and honoured like a GoddessGirl
AndhereA honourable man who are emotional, supportive and organizedBoy
AnnoraThe honourable oneGirl
ApacitaA honourable beingBoy
ArhanaThe one who is worshipped and honouredGirl
AriezHonourable manBoy
ArjumandNoble, honoured, respectedBoy
AryadevName of a Philosopher; Lord of the honoured; NobleBoy
AryakAn honourable Noble; Respected PersonBoy
AryakiRespected; HonouredBoy
AseerHonoured, ChosenBoy
AsiraOne who is honoured and chosenGirl
AslirafA Boy who is honouredBoy
BahumanyaHonoured by Many; Well respected; Esteemed;Boy
BengtBlessed,to give honour or glory to (a person or thing) as divine or holyBoy
BreahHonourable, strong and virtuousgirl
BreanaOne who is virtuous and honourablegirl
BreeannaOne who is strong and honourablegirl
CleaFame; popular; glory; known by everyone; stardom; stature; honourGirl
ClianthaHonour, glory, repute, name, creditGirl
CredaFaithful; Trustworthy; HonourableGirl
CrestonSomeone who is reputed and honourableGirl
DarroldName depicting pride and honourBoy
DonielleA lady who is very respectful and honouredGirl
EanswithaAn amusing, forward and high honoured individualGirl
EdmeeHonourable and a gift of almightyBoy
EhrenA honourable and kind hearted individualUnisex
EkodarBrother; An elderly person who is held with great regard and honourBoy
EkoramRegard; Honour; One who is held with great respectBoy
EkramRegard; Honour; One who is held with great respect; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
EkramaRegard; Honour; One who is held with great respect; One of many names of Lord RamBoy
ElavendhanHonourable Person in the World; One who is held with great respect and regardBoy
ElemerA honourable and dignified individualBoy
Elysciathis name means salvation is god or noble and honourable.Girl
Emeriait means someone who is from the north with great beauty and honour.Girl
Emidiothis is a name in the honour of Saint Emegdius a patron against earthquake who lived during 3rd century and was a bishop.Boy
Enorathis name means honour.Girl
Eramansomeone honourable.Girl
Eramanaa highly revered and honourable person.Girl
Erardobrave and honourable.Boy
Erhardhonour and respect.Boy
Erhardtbrave, hardy, honour and respect.Boy
Erharta German word meaning honour and respect.Boy
Estefania feminized word meaning wealth or crown or honour.Girl
Estefaniaa Spanish feminized word which has the ultimate meaning of honour or wealth or glory.Girl
Ethanoble or honourable in old English.Girl
Ethelenesomebody honourable and noble.Girl
EzazA man to whom honour comes firstBoy
EzzahA Person who Gives the Honour; Respect; Considerable; AdmirableGirl
FanaWealth; Honour; One who provides light; Shining; A variant transcription is FainaGirl
FravindadObtaining Glory; Renowned; Well Known; HonouredBoy
GanmanyaRespected; Honoured; One who is held with high regard; EsteemedBoy
GaristhaRefers to honoured or respected person.Boy
GarvpreetHonour; Pride; Respect; One who likes to feel superiorBoy
GauravHonour; Pride; RespectBoy
GauravaPride; Respect; HonourBoy
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