26 Baby Names That Mean Honour


Baby names that mean honour have a long history in many cultures and societies. These names carry a lot of weight because they represent the essence of virtue and many values. Naming a child with an honorific title is frequently a powerful expression of the family's ideals to impart to their next generations. A name is a powerful, meaningful, and personal gift only parents select with much love. But it is challenging for them since they have to balance their opinions with their family's and friends' ideas. But if you can zero in on a particular meaning of a name, things can get effortless for you. Honour is the core principle on which success is established. It is the accumulation of all successful and positive undertakings. Honour isn't measured with rewards or medals. It's estimated with personal integrity. It must be achieved and established by building character and is further perfected with trials, mistakes, and problems. Baby names meaning honour weave in fairness and integrity, qualities rarely seen today. They even suggest the nobler aspects of human behavior in battles, conflicts, and wars. In many cultures, a person's name represents more than just personal identity; it represents the soul and character of the person. As a result, names with honorific meanings may be seen as a goal for the child's personality. Names like 'Erhard' (meaning honour, brave) and 'Ikram' (meaning honour) from many cultures demonstrate the scope of this naming trend. Another Greek name Eudoxus conveys a similar meaning and was popularized by the famous namesake Greek mathematician and astronomer from Cnidus (1). These names reflect humanity's expected need for integrity and ethical behavior. Parents who chose these names likely hope their children will grow up to reflect values like honesty, respect, and moral uprightness. So look at the list of baby boy and girl names meaning honour provided here. The titles will set a high standard for anyone carrying it, but it's a goal worth putting in.

heart image Annora Baby Girl Sign Girl The honourable one
heart image Asira Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is honoured and chosen
heart image Breah Baby Girl Sign Girl Honourable, strong and virtuous
heart image Breeanna Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is strong and honourable
heart image Darrold Baby Boy Sign Boy Pride and honour
heart image Emeria Baby Girl Sign Girl Someone who is from the North with great beauty and honour
heart image Fana Baby Girl Sign Girl Wealth; Honour; One who provides light; Shining; A variant transcription
heart image Krishendren Baby Boy Sign Boy The name means Honourable
heart image Kulbhooshan Baby Boy Sign Boy Brings honour to the Family; Brings pride to the clan or Kul
heart image Lokej Baby Boy Sign Boy Guardian of honour
heart image Loklaj Baby Boy Sign Boy Honour of the preple
heart image Maajid Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is honourable and splendid
heart image Mehrnaz Baby Girl Sign Girl The brilliant and radiant charm of the Sun; A state of high honour of the biggest star
heart image Mersades Baby Girl Sign Girl Virgin Mary; a favour and pity; an honour
heart image Minhal Baby Boy Sign Boy A kind and generous person; One who is honoured
heart image Moraka Baby Girl Sign Girl A freedom-loving and honoured individual
heart image Mounif Baby Boy Sign Boy To honour; To hold in high-esteem
heart image Nediva Baby Girl Sign Girl The one how is honourable and plentiful
heart image Norene Baby Girl Sign Girl The person who is entitled to honour and admiration
heart image Nusaybah Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who possess upright and honourable blood line
heart image Poojay Baby Boy Sign Boy Respected; Honoured; Esteemed; Cherished; Prized; Valued
heart image Pukazhmani Baby Boy Sign Boy Honourably; Respected; Renowned; Esteemed; Well-regarded
heart image Ruomhildi Baby Girl Sign Girl Glorious; Battle maiden; Honoured in battle
heart image Timmie Baby Boy Sign Boy One who honours god; Fear from God
heart image Timo Baby Boy Sign Boy One who respects or honours god
heart image Toribio Baby Boy Sign Boy Bestowed in honour of Saints

Choosing a baby name that means honour represents a link to a rich cultural history or religious tradition. Such titles can originate from religious literature or historical persons noted for their good lives. By choosing such a name, parents may want to connect their child's identity with the larger community's shared views and ethical standards. As the child grows and develops, this sense of belonging and connection to tradition can create a powerful moral compass.

Infographic: Respectable Baby Names That Mean Honour

Baby names representing honour are strongly related to integrity, respect, and moral uprightness. In many cultures, such titles boldly express a family's ideals, with the hope that the child will embody positive attributes associated with honor. Readers can check out the infographic to learn some popular baby names that connote the meaning of honour.

virtuous baby names that mean honour (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Irish name means honor?

Nora, Honora, and Onóra are Irish feminine forms and variations of the Late Latin name Honorius, which means ‘honor,’ ‘esteem,’ and ‘dignity.’ Fiadh is another feminine name that holds a close connection to the word honor and it means ‘respect.’

2. Which Celtic name means honor?

The Welsh masculine name Aneirin is a possible variant of the Late Latin name Honorius. It is also the name of the 6th-century Brythonic poet who wrote the poem “Y Gododdin.” He is also known as Neirin or Aneurin.

3. Which name means honor in Hebrew?

Kavod is a Hebrew name with multiple meanings and can be used as a given name. It can mean ‘glory,’ ‘honor,’ ‘respect,’ ‘importance,’ and ‘distinction.’

4. What is the meaning and significance of baby names that mean "honor"?

Baby names that mean honor can have different meanings depending on the culture and context they are used in. It can mean honoring God in some cultures and religions, it can imply a name that is a title of honor, or it can also mean a name that features the honorable qualities of a person.


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  1. Eudoxus of Cnidus.
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