179  Baby Names That Mean Humble

Name is the most important part of our identity. It’s the first thing everyone learns about us and the last thing we leave behind. Names can make the bearer feel confident, smart, unique, and even misunderstood and embarrassed in some cases. Apart from that, names can even help the bearer grow as a person, particularly when the name has an inspiring meaning. One of the most beautiful meanings to consider while choosing your child’s name is humble.

Famous poet Tennyson had once said that “humility is the highest virtue, the mother of them all”. If we continue to believe that you’re best at whatever we do, it will stop us from learning new things. Humility allows us to contemplate ideas from different angles, thereby helping us expand intellectually in all areas. Being humble will make us do things out of love, sympathy, and kindness. In short, humility helps people become a better version of themselves.

Below MomJunction brings some unpretentious and humble baby names for your little one. These names may not sound trendy or modern, but they are special as they carry a meaning, which will inspire your child to be a better human being.

AanatOne who is humble and very courteousBoy
Abdul khafedAbdul Khafed means slave of the one who is humble to everyoneBoy
AbhiratraSmall; Humble; SoftnessBoy
AcananasUnderstanding, expressive and humble beingBoy
AftarA humble, confident, practical and hard working being with very high leadership qualities.Boy
AgarvaOne who is free from pride, who is humble, generous, down to earth, sensible, realistic, pragmatic, commonsensible and logical.Boy
AliceaDignified; HumbleGirl
AlieHonorable; Kind, HumbleGirl
AmavaA unique name for the one who cannot be humbled and is very strongBoy
AnnasOne who Answers; Humble; Hebrew - God was gracious; God has shown favor; Pure; Chaste; Grace; It is a variation of AnaniasGirl
AnurodhaA humble request madeBoy
AnurudhyaA humble requestBoy
AnusuyaFriend of Shakuntala; a humble, attentive and faithfulGirl
ArhuiretA noteworthy, humble personBoy
ArmeetahHumble, virtuousGirl
ArthfoddwOne who has excellent visions; trustworthy and humbleBoy
ArthuoduThe humble one; they have bright ideas and innate feelingsBoy
AtikahPristine and humbleGirl
AuricThey are good natured, humble and passionate beingBoy
AvalineOne who is sensitive, rich and humbleGirl
AvarokinA brilliant and shining individual; humbleBoy
AyaniA polite and humble human beingGirl
AyyubiOne who is like prophet Ayyub, patient, humble and virtuous.Boy
AzitaNoble; High-born; Humble; Free; Name of an Iranian PrincessGirl
BadelaA noble and humble human being; clever and analyticalBoy
BadenA beautiful surname; humble and confidentBoy
BakorA Camel; one who is sensitive and humbleBoy
BinoyDiscipline ,Humble; RequestBoy
BoghosA small and humble personBoy
Bouloshumble and polite. it is the arabic form of the name "PAUL"Boy
Boulushumble and polite. it can also be spelled as "Boulos" and is the arabic variant of the english name "Paul"Boy
BraenciA quick, clever headed, humble natured personBoy
BranuiAn easy going, humble and cool headed personBoy
BrengwainAn alluring, perfect, materialistic and humble beingGirl
BrictuiaFamous, easy going and humble human beingGirl
BulusA small and humble personBoy
BulusuA person who is humble and smallBoy
CatguocaunAn over sensitive, humble and nurturing individual; honestBoy
CaturugusGood tempered, interesting, humble and ordinary beingBoy
CidrichA humble cooperative and cunning human beingBoy
ClutarigasAn active minded, humble and serious individualBoy
ConfurOne who is comforting, humble and talentedBoy
CoyneHumble; Down to earth; ReticentBoy
DarveshHumble personBoy
DeenadayaalA humble and merciful personBoy
DeepdasServant of light; humble and mercifulBoy
DelethaA romantic and humble personGirl
DelizaStable and humble; in search of securityGirl
DenaA vindicated and humble human beingGirl
DenadayalA merciful, humble and gentle beingBoy
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