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Name is the most important part of our identity. It’s the first thing everyone learns about us and the last thing we leave behind. Names can make the bearer feel confident, smart, unique, and even misunderstood and embarrassed in some cases. Apart from that, names can even help the bearer grow as a person, particularly when the name has an inspiring meaning. One of the most beautiful meanings to consider while choosing your child’s name is humble.

Famous poet Tennyson had once said that “humility is the highest virtue, the mother of them all”. If we continue to believe that you’re best at whatever we do, it will stop us from learning new things. Humility allows us to contemplate ideas from different angles, thereby helping us expand intellectually in all areas. Being humble will make us do things out of love, sympathy, and kindness. In short, humility helps people become a better version of themselves.

Below MomJunction brings some unpretentious and humble baby names for your little one. These names may not sound trendy or modern, but they are special as they carry a meaning, which will inspire your child to be a better human being.

DenadayalA merciful, humble and gentle beingBoy
DonkorThe One who is HumbleBoy
DontayeThey are enduring, humble and have inner desireBoy
DuchaSmall or humble.Girl
DulcieA civilized and humble being; sweetGirl
DylannThe vast sea; humble and niceBoy
EalhsigeAttractive, loyal and humble personBoy
EireenA peace loving and humble natured beingGirl
EiriniPeaceful and humble natured personGirl
EklingaA lovely and humble human beingBoy
EleasaA fantastic and humble beingsUnisex
EzhilanA man of humble characterBoy
FelgildA challenging, humble and unique person; dynamic personBoy
FrusannahA quick, humble and untiring personGirl
FudailiA person who is trustworthy and humble beingBoy
GakeemahAn excellent and humble human beingGirl
GianpaoloThe name Gianpaolo is an Italian male name, a combination of names Gian and the name Paolo. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious, Humble and God's Precious Gift.Boy
GrafA humble villaGerman who is the header of all.Boy
GrafereA humble villaGerman who is the header of all.Boy
GullooThey are very sweet,kind and emotional.They are very humble to others and very cute.Girl
GurgenGotten from Middle Persian gurg "wolf" joined with a humble postfix.Boy
HansinRich and Humble , Loyal , Capable, ExcitedBoy
HanveshVery soft Mind, HumbleBoy
HeidieKind, humble, modestGirl
HuaetberctA peson who is humble, independent and adorableBoy
HuweynA mature, self possessed, humble and bashful personBoy
HwaetsigeA sensitive, humble, idealistic and imaginative beingBoy
IqalaA woman who is humble and modest.Girl
JohnnyJohn means God is gracious and kind,pal means small and humbleBoy
JuspaulA small or humble person, a just humble personBoy
KadisonA humble gift from GodGirl
KhafidMeans The HumblerBoy
KhashiaThe name means HumbleGirl
KhurdadhbihA truthful inividual who is very humbleBoy
KimbeccA assertive, humble and positive personGirl
LinzyA generous and humble individualGirl
LuuarchLoyal, untiring and humble beingBoy
MaskeenA humble and modest individualBoy
Micahthe one who is humble and meek.Boy
MichaiahA humble person, down to earthBoy
MiquitaAn educated and humble individualUnisex
MokateAn easy going and humble beingGirl
NadaanActually humble, meek.Boy
NambanA humble Indian greeting by bowing down in respectBoy
NamitA person who is very humbleBoy
NamitaOne who bestow in humblenessGirl
NamithSo humble that he bestow in front of othersBoy
NamitpalOne ho protects his humblenessBoy
NamrataHumbleness, noblenessGirl
NamritaThe most humble or a modest personGirl
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