126 Baby Names That Mean Ideal

Naming your mini version isn’t easy. In some cases, it takes several months of thought and smooth moves to get the perfect name. Some take ordinary names, tweak the spelling a bit to make it look extraordinary. While others take inspiration from their place of birth or occupation to select a moniker. But if you’re one of those parents for whom meaning is the most important, then a name meaning ideal would be apt for you.

Ideal stands for two things – something that satisfies your conception of what is most suitable or perfect, or a principle, which one pursues as a goal in the context of ethics. Both the meanings encompass beliefs, personality, behavior, and values under various conditions. All this and more makes ideal a perfect naming inspiration for your little one.

To help you, MomJunction has listed some sturdy and adorable baby names meaning ideal. You even have the option to mark your favorites and save it for future use. So what are you waiting for?

Aadarshmeans one who has principles in Sanskrit, ideal man; a variant form of name AdarshBoy
Aadarsha (आदर्शा)one who is ideal, optimal, and perfectGirl
Aadarshini (आदर्शिनी)one who adheres to idealism or is an idealisticGirl
AadhikesavanOne who is Ideal for OthersBoy
AdarsaThe ideal person, mirror imageBoy
AdarshaThe one who is an ideal personBoy
AdarshpalKeeper of Ideals; Well mannered and Principled manBoy
AdarshpreetAn ideal love or affectionBoy
AdrshSanskar; Ideal;Boy
Ailmarhighly sensitive, idealisticBoy
Ailredsensitive, idealisticBoy
AkeelWise; Capable of creating idealistic and sensitive natureBoy
AlsnetaIdealist beings embracing empathy and forgiveness while influencing masses with a visionGirl
AltmanA sagacious and intelligent man who are experienced, intuitive with idealistic spiritual leadership qualityBoy
AluerdIntuitive personality combined with a idealistic nature, analytical mind and an introvertBoy
AluhburgAn artist at heart they are expressive, refined, idealistic and affectionate in natureGirl
AluredA wise old sage or an elf counsel promoting peace having an idealistic natureBoy
AlvereThe high achievers who are advised by the elves, they are generous, idealistic and resourcefulBoy
AmarsinghThey are sensitive, idealistic and have a power of a TigerBoy
AmbalamLord of the sea who has a creative and idealistic natureBoy
AmbereenThe one who has fragrance and like the performing arts and are idealistic, dramatic and inspirational qualitiesGirl
AmdeshThe one who is full of idealism and is the lord of the landBoy
AnachoritaThe one with high ideals who are amusing and uniqueGirl
AnbucelvanThey are aristrocratic, idealistic and blessedBoy
AngeAn angel who is inspirational and idealisticGirl
AnirveshThe devoted one, loving, loyal and idealistic teachersBoy
AnookulPleasant; Good; Ideal; Compatible; FortunateBoy
AraTo see; idealistic and cursing; KingUnisex
ArgustusRoman King who is idealisticBoy
AtheleisiaInfinite; they lack patience, are serious and idealisticGirl
AupinderOne who has an idealistic natureBoy
AushimaThey have high ideals, innate abilities and visionsGirl
AvraAn idealistic personGirl
BahaddinAn idealistic and compassionate personBoy
BaldeepMeans lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealisticUnisex
BaldehiuaMeans to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.girl
BaldehuiaMeans to be idealistic, generous and forgiving.girl
BhaanishVisionary; Having the Faculty of Seeing; One who has idealistic perspectivesBoy
BrictiuaAn idealistic, tactful, individualistic and candid personGirl
CetuurAn idealist manBoy
DaylofAn idealist; a youthful and lonely beingGirl
DeerajIdealistic one; one who has lot of patienceBoy
DibricAn idealistic and sensitive personBoy
DosakaraOne who has an idealistic nature and is an expert; MoonBoy
DoyneA sensitive person who is an idealistic beingBoy
DubriciiA brilliant, untiring and idealistic beingBoy
DundhuPunishment; idealistic and expressiveBoy
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