196 Baby Names That Mean Immortal

Each and every baby carries its beauty and personality when he is born. And to celebrate this uniqueness, parents pick names could be trendy names, honorable, or family names. The genre might be anything, but the meaning is important to parents of every region and religion. People in some cultures believe that the meaning a name denotes shapes the future of the baby. So if you want to bestow a meaningful name to your child, how about picking a moniker meaning immortal?

Immortality doesn’t just mean the ability to live forever. It can also mean doing something so amazing and great that people will always remember you. The term itself is now used to signify a magnificent accomplishment, which stays in the hearts and minds of people forever. It’s the achievement, which lives on, and the fame that keeps the memories of the person alive, forever.

Below is MomJunction's list of baby names meaning immortal. Scour through the list and pick the one, which you feel will suit your child’s personality the most.

Aahana (आहना)Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun; AngelGirl
Abadisomeone who is ImmortalGirl
AbhileshImmortal; Unique; one who has no equivalentBoy
Abhinaash (अभिनाश)An immortal person, cannot be destroyedBoy
AbhleshOne who is unique and immortalBoy
AbinaashEternal; Immortal; A person of enduring FameBoy
AbineshEternal; Immortal; A person of enduring FameBoy
AjayanImmortal; Enduring Fame; Lasting; Imperishable; EverlastingBoy
AkaalImmortal, UndyingBoy
AkalbirGod's Immortal Warrior; Eternal Fighter and Protector of GodBoy
AkhileshLord of the Universe; Indestructible; Immortal; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AksarImperishable; Immortal being; one which cannot be destroyedBoy
AkshaiEternal, immortal, indestructibleBoy
AksharImperishable; Immortal being; one which cannot be destroyedBoy
AkshayImmortal, Eternal, IndestructibleBoy
AkshayaaImmortal, IndestructibleGirl
AkshitPermanent; Imperishable; one which will be there forever; Immortal BeingBoy
AkshyaImmortal; Imperishable; Indestructible; Someone who will be there forever; God; EternalBoy
AlampataEver Eternal Lord; Immortal GodBoy
AmaarImmortality; the one who prays 5 times and fasts a great deal leading a very prosperous long lifeBoy
AmalatmanAn immortal man who is pure minded and virtuous in deedsBoy
AmaldeepOne who is an eternal and immortal light to allBoy
AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AmaradhipaThe one who is immortal and is a ruler or a God of allBoy
AmaranThe Immortal; one who is blessed to have a long life with no endBoy
AmaranaathImmortal God; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmaravatiAn immortal city; The one who is everlasting and unfadingGirl
AmarbhagatAn immortal, generous, compassionate and authoritative being who strives for perfectionBoy
AmardadImmorality, one who is immortal.Boy
AmardeepEternal Light; Immortal Light; A source of light forever;Boy
AmardevThe Immortal God; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmaresaLord Shiva; the one who is lord of the immortals or rather king of the GodsBoy
AmarikaThe one who is divine like a God and immortalBoy
AmarinderThe immortal and the God-like figureBoy
AmarishnuThe one who is immortal and desirous like GodBoy
AmarjodhAn immortal warriorBoy
AmarjotThe Immortal Light; A source of light for ever; Eternal LightBoy
AmarmohanThe one who is immortal and attractiveBoy
AmarnathImmortal God; one of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AmaroopAn everlasting immortal beautyGirl
AmarpalAn imperishable and immortal saviourBoy
AmarprakashAn immortal lightBoy
AmarpreetLove for god which is immortal; Infinite love for God; A love that has no endBoy
AmartaThe ultimate immortalityUnisex
AmarthyaImmortal; one with no endBoy
AmartyaImmortal; one with no endBoy
AmaruA humanitarian with an intense emotional power who possess strength and immortal loveBoy
AmarukaThe son of immortal who are responsible, expressive and friendlyUnisex
AmarwantThe one who is immortal, masculine and has leadership skillsBoy
AmataThe one meant for love and is immortal just like state of nirvana experienced by BuddhaGirl
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