54 Baby Names That Mean Infinite

Infinite or infinity is one of the strangest, yet richest concepts invented by humanity. It has been puzzling philosophers, inventors, scientists, and mathematicians since time immemorial. Infinite isn’t big, huge, or tremendously large – it characterizes things that never end. You know it’s there, but you can never meet it. Take numbers, for example. No matter how long you count for, you can’t reach the end of the numbers. Same is the case with the universe. You cannot reach the end of the universe, even if you travel in the fastest spaceship. And it holds true for a mother’s love as well. The love a mother has for her baby can never be measured or counted. It can only be felt.

Infinite is such a beautiful concept that we think it will translate beautifully into a baby name. And if you think the same, you’ve landed at the correct place. Below MomJunction has shortlisted a list of unique and distinctive baby names meaning infinite. Take a look.

AganyaUncountable; Infinite; Born from Fire; one of many names of Goddess LakshmiBoy
AgnitUncountable; Multiple; Countless; Infinite;Boy
AmarpreetLove for god which is immortal; Infinite love for God; A love that has no endBoy
AmeetBoundless; Endless; Limitless; Infinite; Never EndingBoy
AmeyAnother name of Lord Ganesh meaning infinite and lovableUnisex
AmitabhaParadise; they have infinite merits and lifeBoy
AmitayusThe one who has infinite age and a divine being like GodBoy
AmitbikramLimitless Prowess; Infinite Ability; Expertise; Immeasurable ProficiencyBoy
AmiteshInfinite GodBoy
AmiteshwarAn infinite God who is omnipresentBoy
AmitojUnlimited Glow; Infinite Radiance; One who will shine foreverBoy
AnaahatThe one who is infinite and can never be defeatedGirl
AnankaCountless; Infinite; Something which cannot be counted and which has no boundary or limitationsGirl
AnantInfinite; One with no end; Immortal; EternalBoy
AnantaInfinite; One with no end; Immortal; EternalBoy
AnantavikramaA leader who has infinite strength and immortalityBoy
AnantbirInfinite Brave; Eternal warrior; One whose braveness has no end;Boy
AnanthEndless; Infinite; Eternal; Forever; ImmortalBoy
AnantimEndless; Infinite; Eternal; Forever; ImmortalBoy
AnantprakashAn infinite lightBoy
AnantyaAn endless or infinite beingGirl
AnitUnending Joy; Infinite HappinessBoy
AnitejImmeasurable; Infinite; Vast; EndlessBoy
AnitejaImmeasurable Splendour; Infinitely Magnificient; Endless GloryBoy
AnnaviThe infinite power; they are immortal and amazing; A sensitive, detailed and passionate personBoy
AnneshaThe funny, infinite and skillfulGirl
AnnessaThe infinite and skillful beingGirl
AnnessiaThe one who is funny, infinite and skillfulGirl
AparInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
AparamitInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
AparamparInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
ApremeyaInfinite; Limitless; Boundless; Endless;Boy
AsheemBoundless; Endless; Limitless; Infinite; Never EndingBoy
AsseemBoundless; Endless; Limitless; Infinite; Never EndingBoy
AtheleisiaInfinite; they lack patience, are serious and idealisticGirl
AtulprasadBoundless Blessings; One whp is blessed Infinitely;Boy
AvkashLimitless Space; Infinite Space; One which has no boundaryBoy
BhaswathNever Ending; Eternal; Infinite; ImmortalBoy
BhavyamForever; Eternal; Never Ending; Infinite; ImmortalBoy
DhrubaCertain; Eternal; Forever; One without end; Infinite;Boy
DivodasAhalya's father; has infinite successBoy
DugantDirection; Endless; Horizon End of Sky; InfiniteBoy
MabotaInfinite, endlessGirl
MahaldBeloved; Infinite; Endless; Variant of MariaGirl
MahaltBeloved; Infinite; Endless; Variant of MariaGirl
ManildBeloved; Infinite; Endless; Variant of MariaGirl
MariseOne who is infinite, endlessBoy
NiravadhiBoundless, unlimited, unrestricted and infinite.Boy
OpameInfinite lightGirl
ParanjayLord of the sea; Lord of the Celestial oceans; A form of Sanskrit name Varun which means Infinite;Boy
ParashuhastaLord of the sea; Lord of the Celestial oceans; A form of Sanskrit name Varun which means Infinite;Boy
SatatyaInfinite oneBoy
VarenSuperior; Excellent; God of celestial sky, of water and of the celestial ocean; Infinite; A variant transcription of name VarunBoy
VaruniName of a Hindu goddess. It means infinite.Girl
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