107 Baby Names Meaning Innocent


What to name the youngest member of the family is quite a big decision and stresses out even the most chilled out people. Some completely disagree with their partners while others are loaded with too many options. Relatives, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and friends, all give their opinions, which can get really overwhelming. But there’s one option, which we believe everyone will happily agree to and that is a baby name meaning innocent.

Technically speaking, innocence is freedom from sin, achieved by being ignorant about everything bad and evil. It is similar to the behavior of the child when the heart is at peace and life is about being yourself with no pretense. But with changing times, innocence seems to be vanishing, even from children. They no longer see themselves as tweens or teens, but as mini grown up adults.

So if you want to preserve the innocence of your child, even when the child grows up into a young man or lady, bestow a name meaning innocent. Below is MomJunction's list of baby boy and girl names meaning innocent for you to consider.

AggieOne who is simple, pure, maidenly, ladylike, friendly nature and innocent.Girl
AkakiGeorgian form of Akakios, meaning innocentBoy
AkakiosAkakios is derived from a Greek word meaning innocent or not evil.Boy
AvivitAn innocent personGirl
BadramInnocent; Blameless; Childlike who is not guiltyBoy
BalakshaInnocent; Blameless; Faultless; Guilt FreeBoy
BareeaInnocent; Blameless; Guiltless; Sound; Feminine of BariGirl
BariiInnocent, pureBoy
BhikhuInnocent; Naive; Childlike; Guiltless; BlamelessBoy
BholaInnocent,Polite; Kind; Naive;Boy
BravecciInspirational, congenial, smart and innocent personBoy
CateAn innocent and pure girlGirl
CatelinAn innocent and genuine womanGirl
CatelineShe is innocent and unsulliedGirl
CatelynnAn unsillied and innocent girlGirl
CaterineShe is an unsillied and innocent womanGirl
CatharinA pure and genuine, innocente womanGirl
CatharinaShe is pure and innocenteGirl
CatharineA genuine and innocent young ladyGirl
CatherinShe is an innocente young womanGirl
CatherineShe is a pure and innocente one, a virginGirl
CatheyPure, innocent and unsulliedGirl
CathleenA lady who is pure and innocentGirl
CathrineA maiden, innocente and pureGirl
CatinaA chaste and innocent girlGirl
CatjaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
CatlinAn innocent, pure, genuine womanGirl
CatlynShe is pure and an innocent girlGirl
CatrinaThe one that is pure and innocenteGirl
CatrynShe is the innocent oneGirl
CayleyShe who is an innocent oneGirl
CynwiseAn innocent, well spoken personGirl
DarlinaA sweet, innocent childGirl
DeonisiaAn innocent and charming beingGirl
DijulInnocent person; Guileless; Guiltfree; Pure; SinlessBoy
DupinderjitThe innocent one; silent and compassionateBoy
DuraydAn innocent and loving personalityBoy
EcaterinaAn affectionate, innocent and pure chaste beingGirl
EkaterinaOne who is innocent and pureGirl
Emagineit means image of her mother or innocent or blameless.Girl
GuritGurit means innocent child. A person who have childlike innocence on his face.Girl
IfetaInnocent, virtuousGirl
InesaShe who is kind and innocentGirl
IsmetInnocent, saved from sin.Boy
IsmetaInnocent, saved from sin.Girl
JoaneThey are innocent, full of fun and lively to enjoy the life equally.Girl
JunpeiJapanese - Pure; Genuine; Innocent; Considerate; KindBoy
KarulAn innocent personGirl
KaruliA blameless, innocent personGirl
LahelaLahela means Innocent LambGirl
LalooInnocent; Childlike; NaiveBoy
LeuildaOne who is like lilly, pure or innocentGirl
LilianaName of the flower lily, pure and innocent personGirl
MaasmaAn innocent and honorable personGirl
MariatuAfrican - One who is pure; InnocentGirl
MasoomAn innocent, enerring and dependable individualBoy
MasoumahA person who has no sinses, an innocent oneGirl
MasoumehAn innocent girl with no sinsGirl
MasumA man who is of innocent characterBoy
MayanPure One; Innocent; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MeyyarasanThe person who is innocent.Boy
MisamAn innocent person, a cute personUnisex
MuberaShe who is innocent and respected.Girl
NaguibAn innocent personBoy
NajyInnocent or Harmless or Benign or NonviolentBoy
NankuHarmless or innocent.Boy
NihinsaOne who is innocentGirl
NikoletteThe person who is innocent.Girl
NiramayThe one who is faultless, innocent, guiltless and righteous.Boy
OrlenaThe person who is blameless, innocent and trouble free.Girl
PaavanPure; Sacred; Holy; Divine; InnocentBoy
PaavanaPurity; Holy; Divine; Innocent; SacredBoy
PaksimaOne with an innocent face.Girl
PanhaA sage like, innocent and important personGirl
PappuAn innocent and sweet natured personBoy
ParamarathA Spiritual Person; Divine Person; Holy and Sacred person who is pure and innocentBoy
ParamnirmalPurest One; Most innocent; Ultimately Flawless; Absolutely pureBoy
PrabhnirmalOne who is Pure Like God; Innocent like God;Boy
PumeetInnocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; FaultlessBoy
PuneetInnocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; FaultlessBoy
PuneetaInnocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; FaultlessBoy
PunidhanBlessed; Moralist; Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Faultless; Most sacred heart personBoy
PunikaInnocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; FaultlessBoy
PunithInnocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; FaultlessBoy
PunithanBlessed; Moralist; Innocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Faultless; Most sacred heart personBoy
RachaelHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RachealHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RachelHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RachelynHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RachylHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RaechelAn innocente lambGirl
RaelSomeone who is as innocent as a lamb; A variant name is RaeleBoy
RaquelAn innocent personGirl
RayquelHebrew - Innocent;Girl
RijuInnocent; Pure; Flawless; Sinless;Boy
RijulInnocent; Pure; Flawless; Sinless;Boy
SafaShe who is pure and innocentGirl
SafiyyahShe who is pure and innocentGirl
SeinHe who is innocentBoy
SeinaThe innocente oneGirl
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