559 Baby Boy Names That Mean Kind

AdhisaThe kind or an emperorBoy
AdolphA kind and honourable wolfBoy
AdyA noble or kind person in communityBoy
AedilburhA bright noble or kind personBoy
AetheluThe kindness of a noble snakeBoy
AfradRefers to single one of its kind.Boy
AgamaniA precious stone which is priceless, magnificient and unique. A one of a kind gemstone.Unisex
AgnyethaGood, kindBoy
AhadMuslim - Another Name for God; Farsi -the only one of its kind; An Unique IndividualBoy
AjamilA Mythological King; Unique; Someone who is one of kind and has no other equivalentBoy
AjmilA Mythological King; Unique; Someone who is one of kind and has no other equivalent; A variant name is AjamilBoy
AkroorKind, Mild, Gentle, Clement, Considerate, Helpful, Humane, BenevolentBoy
AlastairDefender, Protector of mankind; a form of AlexanderBoy
Alecdefender of mankindBoy
AleckDefender of MankindBoy
AleetheeaNoble, KindBoy
AleixoAleixo is the Brazilian version of Alexander and means defender of mankind.Boy
Alejandroguardian of mankindBoy
AleksanDuminitive of Alexander that means the defender of mankindBoy
AleksandurBulgarian version of Alexander, meaning defender of mankind.Boy
AlessioProtector of mankindBoy
AlexProtector Of MankindBoy
AlexanderDefender of MankindBoy
AlexavierProtector of Mankind in bright new houseBoy
AlexejAlexej is a form of Alexander and means defender of mankind.Boy
AlikGreek: Defender of men, Protector of Mankind; Russian: Helper of ManBoy
AlisandreGuardian of MankindBoy
AlissandruSicilian form of Alexander. It means defender of mankind.Boy
AlixandreDefender of mankind. It was the name of nephew of King Mark.Boy
AlkasimGenerous, charitable, kindBoy
AllisterGreek: Defender of men, Protector of Mankind; A variant of name AlistairBoy
AllsunNoble, Honest, KindBoy
AllyssonNoble, majestic, magnificient, KindBoy
AlmanKind; Willing and Wiseman; Noble ManBoy
AltaafA graceful, tenderhearted, kind and compassionate beingBoy
AltafA gentle, kind, and a graceful human being having empathyBoy
AltafhussainPossessing the kindness, grace and gentleness of HussainBoy
AlucardIt's Dracula spelled backwards and is powerful guardian of mankind in search of new opportunities.Boy
AlvonInsult in Hebrew; an elf who is a defender of mankind attracted to the mysteries of natureUnisex
AlyoshaA noble defender of mankind, they are eccentric and honourable having split personalityUnisex
AlyxA healer and protector of mankindUnisex
AmansA lover or a beau who are spontaneous and have a happy-go-lucky kind of attitudeBoy
AmitatmaThe God-like figure who is protector of mankindBoy
AmitpalThey protect the mankind and are unbounded energyBoy
AmlahThey are beautiful, pleasant and kind by natureUnisex
AnanayOne-of-a-kind; Unique; One who has no match; Inimatable; ExclusiveBoy
Ananda - joyJoyful, kind, prosperous and insightful beingBoy
AnandanaJoyful, kind, prosperous and insightful individualBoy
AnantmanJoyful, kind, prosperous and insightful beingBoy
AnantpremAn admirable, individual, assertive and kind loverBoy
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