559 Baby Boy Names That Mean Kind

AnanyaOne-of-a-kind; Unique; One who has no match; Inimatable; ExclusiveBoy
AnaxandrosThe master and a defender of mankindBoy
AnbanLovable; Kind; Amiable; Adorable; EndearingBoy
AnbanandanThe commanding officer who is kind heartedBoy
AnbendhiThe kind heartedBoy
AnboliThe kind hearted and nurturingBoy
AnbuLove; Kindness; Amiable; Adorable; EndearingBoy
AnbucheliyanA diligent, kind, prosperous and insightful beingBoy
AnbumadhiA kind, nurturing, well loved, intelligent personBoy
AnbumadiKind and Intelligent; One who is brilliant and endearingBoy
AnbumaniLoving Gem; One whose love and kindness is so preciousBoy
AnbumoliOne who Speaks Kind Words; Language of LoveBoy
AnbunambiThe one who is kind, confident and lovedBoy
AnbuselvanAn elegant one who is very kind, prosperous and lovableBoy
AngeltheowA born king who is the commander of the armed forces and is kindBoy
AnnanambiThey are strong defender of mankind, fearless and limitlessBoy
AnnasamiThe philosophical and spiritual kindBoy
AnthahkaranSympathy; Kindness; TendernessBoy
AnugraNot Violent; Gentle; Mild; Peace Loving; KindBoy
AnugtahaGrace; Favor; Mercy; Compassionate; KindBoy
AnupaA pond; they are of a kindUnisex
ApoorvOne of a Kind or Rare; Unique; Exclusive; MatchlessBoy
AristeoSupreme kind, the bestBoy
AristideThe perfect kind; one who is the best typeBoy
AristidesGreek - The best Kind;Boy
AriyadasaOne who is Noble and KindBoy
AriyasiriOne who is Noble and KindBoy
ArkaballabA kind of treeBoy
ArkapatraA kind of tree with a swallow wortBoy
ArshadA devoted and better guided person; kind and niceBoy
AryavanOne who is Noble and KindBoy
AsfaqCompassion, kindnessBoy
AtawhaiA person who is kind and caring.Unisex
AtefA kind hearted BoyBoy
AtfKindness, favor and affectionBoy
AtifArabic - Kind One; Generous; Sympathetic; CompassionateBoy
AtifatKindness and SympathyBoy
AtufaA kind and a merciful BoyBoy
AuberiRule of an Elf; powerful and kind heartedUnisex
AvidanA father figure; God is just and kindBoy
AwadReward; Compensation; Kind; Tenderhearted; CompassionateBoy
AxillThey are the one who spread peace; kind of fatherBoy
BabijiGood Person; Kind and CaringBoy
BadialzamanA wise and kind hearted KingBoy
BagiraLoving; Nurturing; Kind and CompassionateBoy
BakeetOne who uplifts the mankindBoy
BakhtOne who is considered to be lucky for mankindBoy
BalkiKind; Like a Baby; Young noble childBoy
BaratamA Dance Kind; Traditional dance form of Tamil NaduBoy
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