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18 Baby Girl Names That Mean Kind And Starts With Letter K

Kalisha Kalisha means Noble and Kind, variant of the name Alisha Girl
Kareema Kareema means Kind and Compassionate Girl
Karesa Karesa means Full of Grace and Kindness Girl
Karessa Karessa means She who is Pure and Kind Girl
Karunamayee A kind, sparing person Girl
Karunya Compassion; Benevolent; Generous; One who is very kind hearted Girl
Khayriyyah Charitable; Good; Compassionate; Kind Hearted; Benevolent Girl
Khin Kindness, one who is kind Unisex
Kinda Kinda means Valley of the Kent River Girl
Kindah Kindah means She is a Part of the Mauntain Girl
Kindal Kindal name means Comes from the Valley of Kent River Girl
Kindall Kindall means Valley of the River Girl
Kindle Kindle means Spring Girl
Kindness Kindness means She,who is Kind Girl
Kindra Kindra means The Champion who is the Greatest Girl
Kingslea Kindslea means King's meadow Girl
Klimentina Klementina means Kind and Sparing Girl
Kusumkali The name means a Kind of a Flower Girl
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