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33 Baby Girl Names That Mean Kind And Starts With Letter S

Saasha A defender of mankind Girl
Sabriya She who is patient and kind Girl
Sachika One who is kind Girl
Samiha A generous and kindhearted woman Girl
Sanda Defender of mankind Girl
Sandie Protector of mankind Girl
Sandreia Keep mankind guarded Girl
Sandrine Guardian of mankind Girl
Sarama A kind woman Girl
Sasha A helper and defender of mankind Unisex
Sashya A helper of mankind Girl
Shafaqat A compassionate and kind woman Girl
Shafeeqa A tenderhearted and kind woman Girl
Shafika A kind hearted woman Girl
Shafinaz A pretty, lovely and kind woman Girl
Shafiqa A kind, simphatetic woman Girl
Shafiqah Compassionate, kind one Girl
Shahfiqa A kind girl Girl
Shahzeen A good kind of adoration Girl
Shanoli One who is kind hearted. Girl
Shawnte The God's kindnees and mercy Girl
Shellah A truly kind person Girl
Sherrilynn One who is very dear and kind Girl
Shontae The kindess and graciousness of God Girl
Shouka A kind of a deer Girl
Siany She who is full of God's kindness Girl
Sioned She who felt the kindness of the God Girl
Siwan She who knows God's kindness Girl
Socca A food name, a kind of a pancake Unisex
Soo A charitable, kind and noble person Girl
Sowjanya A girl who is tender, polite and has a kind nature Girl
Sunflower A kind of a yellow flower that follows the Sun Girl
Suryamani She who is like a flower of some kind Girl
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